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Saturday, June 8, 2019

As it’s raining, I thought I would go through the paperwork the previous owner (Patrick Geary) of our humble abode left behind and naturally as he had the bungalow built, there is a lot of it going back to 1968! He was occupied with the proposed new development other side of the A6 but initial proposals indicated far more than currently being proposed so lets go back in time for a bit. (All PDF files)

2013 - Wanlip Village News is a good starting place There is a PDF version in his file so why not have a look - LINK

2013 - Patrick had a view naturally so here are his thoughts - LINK

2013 - Agenda for village meeting - LINK

2013 - Background papers for meeting - LINK

All the above have been overtaken by new planning requirements etc. but it will remind/update readers of the basis of villagers concerns which have not been allayed by update meetings were the speaker favourite word appeared to be ‘challenging’ - remember that one!

Monday, June 11, 2018

I’m starting to catch up boys and gals. Several happenings in our little hamlet since I last did an up date. The finger signpost in the hamlet tee junction has been updated, repainted and generally tarted up. Not only that but the post box has has a new coat of paint (Royal Mail Red).

With Charnwood having to update their local Plan up to 2036, they invited land owners to suggest any land they would like to have housing on. If the hamlet didn’t already have a plan in place it might be a forgone conclusion that Wanlip might triple in size but as it happens we do have a plan in place to resist such an event.

Other news includes the Wanlip school is trying to develop to make itself more attractive to the community, but I expect a similar success as other attempts (Birstall Leisure Centre springs to mind) and lastly, we have again a £million pound property on the market just across the road. You can always make us an offer in the same region but you will have to built your own leisure complex in the garden (swimming pool, gym, hot tub etc. We have had a new kitchen, heating and hot water system already done. Just to show it’s not me, I was chatting to a lady from Syston in Watermead on Saturday who thinks Wanlip is a lovely place with all it’s big (ish) houses - I didn’t like to upset her over that one, but if you want a nice development plot with space for at least six 5 bedroom houses (that’s what is going up on our old property down south and two 5 beds have gone up on a plot 1/3 the size of this one here). Now I know how much land is worth, it won’t go as cheap as our last one!!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

This weekend is not the time to be near Wanlip as the A6 will be closed and traffic diverted through the village complete with assorted buses that would normally use the A6. It will include the airport buses, the National Express Buses and the local services between Leicester and Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough. Yes, I know it’s a bank holiday but it will go on until the middle of the following week. Of course you can always take the HGV route which is some 5 miles otherwise there is a route round the works by simply tuning left (going north) or right (going south) at the traffic lights just before the works and going round the semi-circle (about ¾ mile) and much wider roads than going through the villages. Good hunting!    

Saturday, January 5, 2019

This may be a surprise ,but they are constructing a new footpath where J52 currently is. In case you didn’t know, that’s the muddy path that runs from the Wanlip Lane/Rectory Road junction up to the A6 (if you want to catch a bus to Loughborough or Leicester). It will be diverted to link with the new bridge across the A6 (see above) and ultimately to the new ‘village’ to be built the other side of the A46. The surface will be made of the cheap crushed chalk/concrete which is great if not wet. Then it sticks to everything!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

It’s a chilly sunny April morning, so I took the opportunity to update the photo of the travel lodge and ice house and added a couple more below.

The new footpath/cycleway is done and dusted with dusted being the operative word as it rained a few weeks ago and a lot of the path has been washed to one side (leaving a nice gully on the other and that was one day of rain!). As expected if wet it sticks to the soles of shoes and you can gain up to ¼ inch in height if you leave it on your shoes. Oh and another thing, they forgot about the disabled so don’t try to use a motorised wheelchair of tricycle let alone an adult one as the handle bars don’t go through with lifting the bike up -  if I could do that I wouldn’t need a trike!!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

As ‘Storm Dennis’ is about to arrive and we have had a warning regarding possible power cuts (I’m on the at risk register!), I thought it best to leave you with the latest news. The surveyors have been seen at the bottom of the footpath up to the A6, after interrogation they admitted there might be a car park installed. Not only that but the council have been looking at the footpath width along the other side of the road as it’s very overgrown. It’s amazing what things can get done when it affects schools. The space where there might be a car park is used by parents dropping their children off on the way to work. As it’s on a bend, obviously someone thought it might be an idea to clear the path to make it wider for the little darlings to cycle to school and find somewhere for parents to park and turn. Now all we have to do is slow the vehicles down so they can cross the road!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The surveyors are still here (it must be difficult surveying a corner in the road), they have found the edges of the path and the water is going down in the fields. Not only that but the rain has stopped, the hail came and the sun came out and it’d only 3 o/clock in the afternoon.  

If you have any Wanlip news, then by all means pass it on via e-mail to the usual place

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This is the wind generator for the sewage farm, I was reminded about this as when I was house hunting for 4 years I remember is being built as I passed through Rothley, Mountsorrel in my hunt. Wanlip was a place I never got to - and neither should you!

This is from the new path up to the A6 and over the field is the hamlet of Wanlip.

Our bungalow is just about left of the middle behind the trees - actually only one of just two in the lane the rest having been converted or originally two stories, with stairs!!. You know in our short time being married we’ve only lived with stairs for three years. Sad or what.