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Wanlip - a hamlet near Leicester!

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Wanlip Whiff

On the home page you may have noticed a reference to ‘Wanlip Whiff’! Naturally on the several times we came prior to purchasing our property, the whiff had been turned off!!

I have carried out extensive sniffing with my ‘sniff-o-meter’ and managed to identify that most times it’s a bit like a compost heap being turned over, however not wishing to leave it there, I identified a Seven Trent inspection chamber in a footpath was issuing a lovely sewage smell. On mentioning at the Parish meeting a number of residents agreed, so it was reported and conversations with workmen (I’ll talk to anyone) it seem that when the cover was ‘resealed’ during the summer, it wasn’t, so now another problem identified.

I’m still getting occasional readings on the sniff-o-meter on the northern side of the A46 near the Wanlip turn, but with the colder weather, maybe more regular readings in the spring. I will keep you updated with my investigations as time passes.

The work that the Environment Agency did in the summer/winter have yet to make a real difference to the flood plain north of Leicester as the villages north of the A46 have been suffering following the slight snow fall in mid December and the amount of rain just before Christmas with the water meadows living up to their name with about 2 inches of water on the public footpath as you leave Butchers Lane (Church Road) to wander over to Watermead. Our dogs are not enamoured so we’ve been using the path up to the A6 where you take your life in your hands in trying to either cross the exit/entrance to the roundabout (having dismounted from our cycles as the sign says) or simply walking down the slip road trying to use the verge back to Wanlip. Talk about making life difficult, I cannot think what the residents did to upset County Highways or the dept of transport in the 1970s when the western by pass was built (aka A46).

Welcome to 2018 folks!!

16th Jan 2018

Well, the Environment Agency actually didn’t finish the flood relief scheme as it turns out it’s only designed to save parts of Leicester from flooding  and making it easier for the water to pass down the canal and River Sour to the north of Leicester. To this end the A6 is closed southbound on the bridge over the Sour until the Autumn. Meanwhile, villages down river can expect more water coming down, ad what does more water mean??

This year, we have had a lot more rain than last year, so the river is about a foot higher than last year and Wanlip Meadows is somewhat wet, so boots are the order of the day if you want to cross over to Watermead otherwise it’s follow the path alongside the A46 and right to the park entrance. Of course, you could go down Rectory lane to Wanlip Lane, past the school on your right, go left down following the cycle route straight along Dalby Avenue to the Worcester Avenue of Watermead Park. (A couple of cycle obstacles do get in the way, but then I’m convinced that Council officers don’t actually ride bikes). I should point out that my comparison with last year is slightly cloudy as I spent a few months being ill - all together now - ahhhhhh!

Update July 2018, two months of no rain has dropped the river level by about two feet and even the canal is six inches down.

June 2019 - the river is getting better and risen by about a foot so a bit to go yet.

November 2019 - We’ve given up walking the dogs over Watermead as it’s reported somewhat wet for the time being, so the new footpath across the field to the A6 is getting used more than we would like at the moment

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I thought you might like to see this.

My father-in-law died in the 90’s and we have just got round to looking through all his bits. As he was a keen cyclist between the wars he cycled all round the country (including the midlands).

Sheet 63 Popular edition dated 1933 (2/6d) inch to the mile covered Leicester.

Roads have no numbers but I think the A6 runs to the left of Birstall & Wanlip and A607 to the right.

We live about above the rectory label where the stables are/were. The footings are still under our lawn!!