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Wanlip - a hamlet near Leicester!

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Wanlip Temperatures - 2016 -2017

On December 3rd the village held the annual Christmas fair. This was the first I’ve actually attended due to ill health last year, but it attracts visitors from around the district with proceeds split 50/50 between making further improvements to our hall and supporting our small church.

Obviously you’ve missed it this year, but make a note for next year that the hall is located next to the church which is at the end of Church Road - turn off at Rectory Road bend with bollards and then left at ‘tee’ junction and next left to small car park on your right. For a small hamlet where many walk, the car park fills up quickly so you may be forced to go back to road you came in on.

A few photos to give you a flavour for when you come next year!!

That’s it for now, so you can either simply go away or explore some more!!

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