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Wanlip - a hamlet near Leicester!

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Wandering back wid the dogs from Watermead (I’m going to say that Wanlip is the ‘hidden’ access to this nature reserve via the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust land called Wanlip Meadows, this heron was strutting around as though he owned the place, but once the dogs spotted it and started barking, he simply turned around, spread his wings and made off to the River Soar over the fence. Swine!!

Of course, it may have been the one of the pair from down south that lurked around our canal and simply followed the Grand Union Canal until it found us.

River Soar near to Jackson Bridge (over Grand union Canal) and weir.

King Lears lake, Watermead.

Sorry about the obstructions!

There, that’s much better

One of the ponies in one of the fields making up Wanlip Meadow, however two of the other areas currently have about 12 heifers churning up the footpath and dropping large heaps of ****, so boots are advised.

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