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Wanlip - a hamlet near Leicester!

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So, I haven't put you off yet.

Posted 17th November 2017

The centre of the hamlet is considered to be the village hall which is next to the Church.

We don’t have a Parish Council, so we have a ‘village meeting’ about every six months where we have about 20 villagers attend to ‘run’ the hamlet.

As usual with these sort of organisations, it usually falls to one or two to do all the work and the others simply nod their heads. The last meeting was held on 3rd November

Oh dear, you missed it! Never mind.

Summary of meeting:-

Precept left as previous years as even though around £5000 is in the kitty, it was decided that we ought to look into erecting a ‘village sign’ in the centre to indicate where the village hall is, possibly the way to Watermead and repair the original finger post (see photo earlier).

The Village Hall is next to the Church, which is signed from the main junction but still people cannot find it.

Watermead is not easy to get to from Wanlip as the guides (satnav/google etc.) are inaccurate. I found a couple of Japanese tourists wandering around in the summer with their smart phone tuned to Google and expected to simply walk down a lane to the park! If only it was that simple!! (E-mail me for directions if you need)

The finger post is again by the main village junction (which was on the main road before the Western By-pass (A46) was built), so I think the villagers are looking to preserve our heritage.

The Wanlip Church and Community Hall Christmas Fair will be held on Saturday 2nd December between 11am and 2pm all monies raised split between the community centre and church.

The other interesting thing that keeps villagers minds occupied is the well known ‘Wanlip Whiff’ which has plagued the area (including Birstall) for a while. Assorted fingers have been pointed at the local sewage works as well as a composting centre next to it. Every one who knows about these things denies it’s their fault.

However in the summer I reported an inspection cover had had it’s surrounds washed away (ever tried giving a post code for a footpath??) But STW rose to the occasion and after a week or three, it was all tidied up. Shortly after it was noticed that at certain times the ‘Wanlip whiff’ was present around said cover. Back to post code hunt to report it. A week or two later a STW van was spotted in the area and being that sort of nosey person, asked how the ‘smell-o-meter’ was doing. They explained that the sealing cover was not replaced after the previous ‘repair’. A month on and we are now awaiting summer to see if sealing has worked and, of course, was this the source? See here       

Now in July 2018, men have been seen pulling telephone cables in the ducts down the road. On trying to find out what’s what, it seems there is  fault on the cable that feeds the box down the road - I wondered why we kept having problems, but no-one will admit the connection! Blockages have been cleared, cable pulled in, men down holes making connections so I wonder if ‘problem’ solved?

From the A6 how can you go wrong?

This is where most go wrong.

Where is Wanlip??

There you go.

Nearly there!

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