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Wanlip - a hamlet near Leicester!

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I suppose we cannot really forget that Birstall is only a mile away with shops to meet your everyday (and more) needs, including a vet, public loos and even a police outpost.

The junction where the bus used to turn round, the post box is and the phone box used to be (before getting in the way of a car) has the finger sign post that is currently being restored so they know how to escape! Looking at old maps it seems it was moved a few years ago!

Up on the hill, is the ice house. Actually listed and used to be where the big house stored the ice to add to the wee dram of whiskey of an evening or perhaps during the summer, ice cream could be made.  

Just up the hill is Leicester North Services, the ambulance station, the Fire headquarters,Travel Lodge and even a park and ride.

What more could you want?

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In 2018, the new ‘finger post’ was installed. Now there is no excuse for not finding the parish church and hall.

Syston, Thurmaston and Birstall you have to use a car or walk. However, Leicester is a bus ride (along with Loughborough) although the bus stop is about a mile away on the A6!