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Wanlip - a hamlet near Leicester!

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Across Wanlip meadow, turn right towards Birstall and after about 500 yards you will spot yet another lake and see the nesting pontoons for the swans. Although they have been known to build a big nest amongst the rushes a few yards from footpath (foreground)  to bring up their brood.  

The Parish Church of Our Lady & St Nicholas lies in the centre of the small village and is a fine late 14th century church next to the village hall.

I suppose I should point out the geographical centre as shifted since the late 19thC and the church is at the north end near the ‘big house’ and more like the centre of the original farm. Links to Wanlip history on a later page,

Enter from Birstall end and the Koi carp vendor is just beyond the sign on the right.

We live beyond the trees if you look above the Wanlip sign, or putting it another way, if the trees were not there we are a field beyond the right hand side of the house you can see the end of, and a field beyond the Koi Carp sign on the right hand side of the road.  

Believe it or not, the Grand Union Canal not only goes through Berkhamsted, but Birstall and Wanlip as well.

This is the boatyard at Birstall/Thurmaston located just across the meadows in Watermead Park so it’s a nicer journey than coming via the M1 and A46 although may take a little longer.

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