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Wanlip - a hamlet near Leicester!

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Now you know all about the place, has it been enough to make you actually move here?

Our little hamlet has less than 60 dwellings, most of which are detached and any than do come on the market take a couple of years to find a buyer as you need to want what the hamlet can provide which is not to everyones’ taste.

Transport - car to M1, M69, A46 and A6 are minutes away.

Trains from Syston (2½ miles - no bus). Leicester (4 miles or 25 minutes by bus - 60 minutes to London St Pancres).

Bus - local 22A, 22B, 127, 126, 2, Park’n’Ride to Leicester all available within 10 minute walk and will get you to or very near to Leicester shopping centre, General hospital, Royal Infirmary, Loughborough shopping, General hospital + universities.

Bus - Birstall (1 mile) for long distance Airport, National Express etc. Leicester for many other links.

As at Wednesday, March 18, 2020 the I am aware of the following properties available in the hamlet.

Riverside Mews, a 4 Bed detached property

All above on the usual house hunting websites (look for LE7 4PL radius ¼ mile)

And for something completely different how about just under ½ acre with a 1587 sq ft detached bungalow with nothing in front, paddock to the rear (with horse) not part of the garden, and is not affected by flooding as we are too high!

Currently with double garage and parking for a minimum of 6 cars without blocking any one.

3 bedrooms, new heating, bathroom, en-suite, kitchen and water system but in need of decorating.

The new local plan does not allow any new building on the other side of the road or at the back of the garden so what you get is what you see!     


Garage is to the right out of shot, bus stop(?) over the road.    Main garden and lower area with Leicester is distance.

Well, that’s it, but if you want to make an offer, we will think about it but think  of it as a project with possibilities in a residential area. New gas supply, large 3 phase electricity supply for charging your electric vehicle plus mains water and drainage.

The bungalow was individually designed for previous owner in March 1968 and unaltered structurally since!  

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This is Leicester - across the fields (actually it’s better view in winter without the leaves on most of the trees and summer heat haze) from bottom garden above.