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Developers at work - Where there was a small bungalow now a pair of houses

This was a small 2 bedroomed bungalow with garage that we could look over and see the other side of the valley from our bedroom. Sorry but I never expected it to disappear so no photo, but Google earth provides a clue.

Road across middle , to bottom was our bungalow and to the top, the one we could look over.

Fast forward 10 years and suddenly a pair of 5 bedroomed town houses and what they replaced. Notice a bungalow still exists to the left but to the right yet another pair of houses encroaching on the vista.

I’m just glad we got out in time!  

Oh look , yet another bungalow with space all around it (particularly to the front and back and still a few feet between Richards’ and Jeffs’ places either side! I wonder who lives there?

I found this and thought it was older than it actually is. Obviously in B/W but it must have been around the mid 1990’s as one of the display plinths can be just seen to the right of the lock gate on the right.

I have a feeling that Bridgewater Boats (based on left) were in the process of selling of their fleet of leisure hire boats as they simply blocked any passing traffic - not that it that busy at that time.