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Friday 7th July 2018 continued

Back to more mundane things, for a rest, shall we.

Starting with the ‘tannoy’ system at the competition we are attending. I’ll be very charitable and just say that the heat has brought out ‘collier’ stutter  (for those who actually care, it’s over deviating) making it almost impossible to understand. We acquired a solar panel powered fan to help keeps the dogs and us cooler in the heat then the odd cloud slows it down only to accelerate once it’s gone by. The TV is very odd, as just going out to walk the dogs will cause it to stop working. As the temperature drops during the evening, the channels slowly return. That’s the flatlands of East Anglia for you! Mind you, when we used to use the Sandy Heath transmitter site, the performance in practice was hopeless compared with the theory. As I’ve said before radio is a black art. The fissures in the ground are increasing, but they are suggesting the weather will change in a week or three.

Sunday 8 July 2018

Today we now know that Croatia will fight England and Boris will fight Theresa.

A big cheer went up over the site a couple of times during the afternoon as they rushed through the rings due to the rather warm weather managing to complete the days competition just after 3pm. I can’t think why! The result of the Chequers meeting on Friday was analysed overnight and during Saturday and, as usual, leaks happened and rude words spoken or shouted expressing concerns that  maybe the wishes of the majority may not be met. So far today, no resignations, but the week has only just started and concerns about whether the EU will back down over splitting services from goods as far as customs are concerned. There is obviously more to this that needs to be resolved.

Monday, July 9, 2018

True to expectations, Last night David Davis resigned. This was expected once the realisation of the expected fudge began to sink in. All we have to do now is how long the penny will drop with the other cabinet members who were not paying attention on Friday.

Now that bit has sunk in, what next? I suppose someone will have to sound out the EU to see how they feel and it seems obvious to me that the expected ‘cake and eat it’ will be the initial thoughts followed by a lot of bluff calling by the EU as if they go the way Mrs May hopes, it will accelerate the breakup of the organisation or they may start to realise hat the current situation is neither a country called EU (or whatever) or simply a collection of historic individual countries with their own identities, language and political systems. The move from the EEC to full blown country is still years away and it’s going to break up first if it continues along the lines that it’s currently seems determined to continue with several countries making unsettling noises. Makes you remember just why you thought leaving could be a good idea.

Talking about ideas, who listened to Radio 4 yesterday about how the nudge theory came about. 13:30 Radio 4 Sunday 8th July program called Nudge Nudge and should be available until at least the end of the month URL: .

The good thing is it doesn’t always work but what a great idea! Lets start with sending me a subscription to read these pages! Oh, what a good idea, Send your bank details to the Uncle Rotter home for the hopeful, c/o Wanlip Tower, Rectory Road, Wanlip LE7 4PL or just text to 07 444 849 330.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018   

Once again the sun is shining and and the clouds burn off the temperature rises - but today the wind (OK breeze) comes from the north and the low eighties is the norm rather than the high eighties or even nineties. The only problem is the increased breeze brings the Wanlip ‘whiff’ quicker and much more noticeable. The lady at Seven Trent was very sympathetic and noticed complaints going back to 2015 over 1000. Sadly they cannot smell it in Coventry. The good news is that it’s one of the largest in their area and processes the Leicester sewage and they have no idea of the problems they are causing. Perhaps we could bottle it and sell it in the Haymarket Centre or perhaps Highcross. Then all they need to to catch a 127 bus to the A46/A6 junction and look over the fence towards Syston, take a deep intake of breath and wonder what the fuss is about. A wander down the slip road to Fillingate will explain all.

Outside the area, Boris has resigned as expected and the government is digging a nice deep hole but the white paper explaining all will now be out on Thursday rather than the expected last Monday. I suppose it will take that time to work out just how the cunning plan can be aligned with the PMQ promises last week. Maybe tomorrows PMQ will provide an answer so the white paper can be corrected and reprinted overnight - or not!

I suppose as all the parties are divided, no-one will want an election or take on the job of meeting the public expectation rather than the political expectation. See, I told you to vote UKIP and you wouldn’t be in any worse than we are now. If the Nudge Unit had done it’s job properly, things would be much better but it just goes to show that no-one knows how economics actually works due to variable factors beyond their control!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning as we returned from my walking exercise with the dogs. After yesterdays moan at Seven Trent, two of their sewage repair team vans had parked just down the road. Being my usual nosy self, I asked what they had in mind today. It seems the field behind us doesn’t have parking so they will have to walk along the main sewer pipe to Leicester across the growing crop. They didn’t say why, so one must think it might have something to do with a leak (aka Wanlip Whiff). Looking at ‘Google Earth’ at the field there appears to be a bare patch of soil in the middle of the crop near the footpath that runs alongside the field from Rectory Road to Wanlip Lane and they are parked by the footpath entrance. I will report any movement - sorry!

There I was at lunchtime waiting for yet another resignation over the cunning exit plan when my wife just wondered if anything else was on TV, and there was, 3 more talking heads discussing the tennis so it was a toss up whether talking heads discussing BREXIT or talking heads talking or I bet more heads discussing football. This was TeleVISION!

I suppose you are all wondering why I am not out in the wonderful sunshine rather than stuck indoors. At my age, having suffered at stroke, it is not recommended going out exactly healthy getting overheated or another stroke may strike and then what will you do? It’s called looking after number one and making sure a promise made by a consultant in 2005 that I should survive until I’m 85 - but I’ve lost the bit of paper he didn’t write it on! So now you know why I do as little as possible so I only have minor ailments rather than serious ones although he did miss the cancer! You shouldn’t trust these medicals every time I suppose.

I see that the threat of rain has now been mentioned a couple of times for the far distant future and then only a drop or two - doesn’t it make you mad watching news reports with pouring rain in the background from the other side of the world. Then I remember that someone had commented on my car over the weekend and asked if we had been off-roading. Was it really that long ago we were towing through fields full of water? I will get round to cleaning it soon!

Right, off to the final page → Whoops, nearly done my quota of 5 pages, so just one more until I start again. Thoughts 5/5!

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