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You have to hand it to the French. News comes that the Bayeux Tapestry in their museum is going to be loaned to the UK whilst the museum is refurbished. This was made in Canterbury (in the UK) and they would have to store it somewhere so it may as well be here. Then news comes that they want another £40 million to sort out their illegal immigration problem of illegals not wishing to stay in the unsafe country known as France but go to the UK. What have we done to cause this as it’s not actually our problem when the problem is world wide and the UN (isn’t that one of the reasons it was formed? after WWWII?). Not only that we are going to take a ‘share’ of the refugees - I just hope is isn’t everyone who wants to escape from USE (United States of Europe) to a safe country known as the UK). Our population density is one of the highest in USE and we really can’t house the existing numbers who are already here (legally or not, they still need housing and support). I don’t seem to recall what excuse they are using to simply allow the numbers to pass through on their way here because there should be one so we can help rather than just pass the problem on.


Today I have that strange feeling that 2008 is making it’s way back. Dear reader, you will recall that was the date when the unbreakable banks actually went broke and the government decided that they were too important to be allowed to go under, so the taxpayer gave them a few bob to carry on in their greedy ways. Last time it was mortgages that had been bundled up into ‘investment’ packages and the stupid greedy financial sector simply took the word of the sellers.

This time it’s even worse, as there was a chance that the securities behind these ‘packages’ might actually hold their value or even increase as the housing market hadn’t fallen in the young investors lifetime. However, the securities underpinning the latest ‘money making packages’ is nothing less than motor vehicles and when was the last time you bought a new car and sold it for more than you paid - I thought so!!

Let’s be fair, if you had a nice little earner going for you, would you pass it on for someone else to make the money? They never learn, do they? I know it’s not apparently a problem at the moment, but the signs are the motor industry is in trouble with sales falling and concerns about diesel vehicles being hit by the government who just a few years ago had been conned into believing they were the best thing since sliced bread and encouraged the gullible public to buy them rather than nasty petrol ones. I admit they tried to convince us that electricity was the way forward, but apart from there was/is no infrastructure available to simply replace all the internal combustion engined vehicles they were on a hiding to nothing.

Being fair, when I wanted to change my vehicle way back in 2014, I looked at all the alternatives and ended up buying a powerful petrol car to tow our caravan! When my wife thought about changing hers, it was all about finance packages (where we came in) and they couldn't understand why we refused their kind offer and to pay more than we wanted or afford! They even tried again when my car was 3 years old but they it’s no longer available I declined their kind offer! (It’s one of those vehicles that gets made when the manufacturers want to make a few ‘specials’ that no one wants).

You have been warned about the financial situation coming soon to a bank near you!


Well, dear reader, what can I say. UKIP manage to shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. It’s obviously a power thing as they really don’t like to give up their position without a fight. I seem to recall it’s not just UKIP, but all the party leaders hate to walk away (apart from a little Yorkshire man who lost a general election), it must be something in the water! The leader made an error of judgement over his ‘friend’ and the party expect him to take the consequences - expect being the operative word but, of course, he believes he hasn’t done anything wrong. One thing I learnt in my short time in politics is that if you must stick your head above the parapet, then you accept the consequences but not a lesson he accepts it seems.

OK, UKIP needs a bigger pool of supporters to choose a leader from, so until they accept that whatever the 17+million supporters of leaving USE may think, until they get their act together and get a few political savvy members, a viable political party they are not. Which brings us back to the party hierarchy which on present form, need to go back to square one! Yes, I am a member and yes, I am disappointed about the situation but why oh why do they make life difficult?

24 January 2018

I’ve ben thinking. Again! Thinking about all the problems that seem to falling our our beloved government, from the NHS through failures in the construction industry to the railways one thing seems to be a constant in all these little difficulties. Government starts out dealing with organisation - whether it is awarding contracts or obtaining ‘off the books’ finance - but ends up dealing with something that wasn’t there in the first place. Taking Carillion as a recent example who seems to have run out of money. Initially, the government said that sub-contractors would simply pick up where Carillion had stopped. Today it’s reported that if Carillion couldn’t make money, then the contracts would need to be renegotiated to ensure a profit (??) could be made, so what new?. Likewise the railways. The idea was to get rid of subsidising the railways to save money. I think there are no private companies given contracts to run a railway that are not subsidised more that British Railways was. How about the PFI saga or several other similar ‘tricks’ where the contracts are awarded to one legal entity (I like that phrase!), only a few years on, the contracts have either been sold on or the legal entity has been taken over (or worse) without any way of stopping the process.

At lunchtime, I was watching a Labour shadow minister suggesting that government contracts should only be awarded to companies who agree to a reduction in a % difference between the highest salary and the lowest. Concern was expressed that maybe no company would be willing to agree to  such a radical interference in their internal workings. It’s all very laudable to have aspirations but the consequences have to be carefully thought through. I can see the logic in the idea but I’m sure mine has more merit (I am biased!!) and more defendable by government if implemented carefully.

Finally for this session, David Gaulk (MP for SWHerts and a solicitor by profession) is the new Justice Secretary and manages to creep through most political difficulties unscathed (so far). I met him a few years ago before he became an MP and I wasn’t that impressed then, so nothing has changed except he is well up the political ladder and I’m still down here without even a foot on it!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

You have to weep really, that lot in USE met yesterday and agreed their agenda to keep us near to their hearts for as long as possible by expecting us to pay our contributions for an extra two years in case they go broke. In return, they allow us to remain members of USE in everything except name so the government can say we will shortly be leaving (shortly is used in political circles to put off something they cannot decide what to do about) and therefore meet the wishes of the electorate, business, the opposition, the lobbyists and the remainers. Trebles all round by the sound of it! What can possibly go wrong particularly when the experts keep saying the world will end when we finally leave - or not, of course!

Those of you who keep up, the Chinese owners of the House of Fraser said this morning that what everyone wants is simply to know what is actually happening as far as leaving USE because no one can make a decision on what to do as things stand. In others words, simply just leave in March 2019 so everyone can get on with what they do best.

Whoops, nearly done my quota of 5 pages so jut one more until I start again. Thoughts 5/5!

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