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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Now we are getting somewhere with BREXIT as Mr Davies has announced that in spite of the world and his wife (and mates) suggesting that we will be imposing standards on everything so no one will want to trade with us, he suddenly remembered that the original idea was that our ‘rules’ would simply be adjusted to refer to our rules in place of the USE (united States of Europe) rules which would mean that our current adopted standards from USE and to comply with them would simply be incorporated into our law. Why has that been so difficult for the ‘remainers’ to remember? Mind you that might actually mean we could leave the USE and still have equal economic harmony although maybe the Germans may actually have to abide with standards rather than changing them to suit their car industry! It would still mean that USE will have a large hole in their finance demands but I’m sure their accounting/audit experts will be able to cover up this minor problem after they discover the largest net contributor to the organisation has left the club.

Now what else have you missed, ahh I remember, a UKIP MEP foolishly made an accusation regarding three labour MPs which they couldn’t prove. The case went to court and the MPs won and later went after UKIP. It seems the party may end up having to pay a substantial sum of money to protect itself, so my request of the 19th regarding putting your money where your mouth is could make a difference between the political spectrum remaining as is, or defending a political party that keeps making waves to upset the ‘big boys’ and still has a disproportional share of the vote compared with idea of people representation - the only disadvantage of first past the post (which I support, by the way no matter what). I suppose it’s one way of upsetting the political balance in the event of an election as I cannot see an alternative to Mrs May leading the Conservatives in the near future and The Labour leadership is now moving so far to the left that it may be Utopia or hell were they to regain control of this government (a fear expressed by one of the Finance ministers at the meeting yesterday!).

Me political? What ever gave you that idea?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I noticed the highways men adjusting the traffic light timings are our local roundabout earlier this week (in case you care!), Obviously the timings kicked in this morning with queues on the slip road rather than the main dual carriageway. I suppose it may have been an attempt to stop vehicles trying to avoid jams on one of the main bridges into Leicester in the morning as it will be close pretty much until the end of the year. For foreign readers there is an inner ring road, an outer ring road and a bit round the north. Naturally the road closed goes south into Leicester from the outer ring road to inner ring round (from the north in case you wondered), of course at the same time there is a burst water pipe being mended on the M1 side of the inner ring road. Sound familiar? Dr Beeching and young Maggie Thatcher have a lot to answer for.

Talking about chaos, I’ve often said that management in this country is abysmal. The latest ‘cock-up’ is the simple task of shifting bits of chicken around the country. Mr Hardin (of DHL fame) really lost the plot apparently by tendering for the KFC chicken delivery contract. As it’s supposed to be local (well within 25 miles - like a well known maker of pies favoured by football fans) but delivering all over the country.

Now, even I can work out that shifting one perishable product all over the country from an average sized depot near the centre of the country needs a lot of logistics thought and planning. Completely different from shifting packages all over the world (on the other hand don’t think about it and it’s simple). The local press is full of drivers giving their thoughts regarding lorries queuing with refrigeration equipment failing and no doubt thinking about the mess in their trailers. Residents of Rugby can look forward to something similar to the nationally known ‘Wanlip Whiff’.

Those of you who have nothing to do, may have watched the Daily Politics at lunchtime and heard a young lady  actually admitting she knew about (well was aware) the assorted sexual encounters that went on whilst she was at the Save the Children charity, then went on to say she left after 17 months as she and other females ‘felt uncomfortable and unsafe’ without actually saying anything to the management as she felt that nothing would be done. This brings us back to my previous comments about management in business as this has to be poor labour relations on a large scale, IE poor management.

However this afternoon (completely unconnected of course), it’s reported on the BBC news website that ex-Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth has resigned from Unicef as he says he does not want coverage of his past to "damage" the charities. Mr Forsyth faced three complaints of inappropriate behaviour towards female staff before leaving Save the Children, the BBC reported this week. He was accused of sending inappropriate texts and commenting on what young female staff were wearing. He said he "apologised unreservedly" to the three workers at the time. Mr Forsyth said the reason for his resignation as Unicef's deputy director was not because of what he described as the mistakes he made in his former role at Save the Children. "They were dealt with through a proper process many years ago," he said in a statement.

The ONS today adjusted it’s data to say that productivity is lower than they previously reported. Watching the assorted workmen who carry out some assorted works at our humble abode, I’m amazed that so much gets done as they spend half their time either making or taking calls on a small hand device for some reason - then they manage to get it wrong or not finishing what they are here to do. I really don’t know have I managed to carry on my business for over 40 years without one of these devices - sorry I must correct that. I actually had on in the late 1990s complete with hands free kit in the car.

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