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Friday, August 10, 2018

The sky dribbled again today, so with the forecast of lots of wet stuff falling out of the sky over the next few days, the beans might end up large enough to pick and eat, the grass might sprout and turn from dark brown to dark green or not, of course.

Now, don’t forget in a couple of weeks the A6 will be closed while they put into place the new footbridge that goes from nowhere in particular to somewhere else just as useful - but you will be able to cycle or walk to the Birstall Park’n’Ride from a footpath on the new estate and back again!

Anyway, all the traffic passing along the A6 will be either directed from the Red Hill circle on the A583 (ring road) after being diverted round the Belgrave bridge on the A6 along to Sainsbury’s on the Melton Road (A607) so you can zoom up to the A46 and back to the A6. Light traffic and buses are a better challenge:

From the Red Hill Circle up the A6 until you get to the Sibson Road/Greengate Lane traffic lights where you will turn sharp right, through Birstall Shopping area to the roundabout where you swing left up Wanlip Lane, weave around the parked cars to speed through Wanlip over the humps and bumps and up the slip road to the A46/A6 roundabout.

Naturally coming from the north, reverse the above.

Friday 24th August evening to Monday 27th morning plus two or three overnights straight after. We are really looking forward to scraping the remains of our cat off the tarmac as he is a bit old to avoid speeding vehicles when he is only used to quiet country roads. Of course, you could take the HGV diversion (may well be quicker), drive with more care than usual or take a more suitable route around the bridge works by using the A6 and use the ‘loop’ between two sets of traffic lights (from the south left after Greengate Lane and from the north, right 100 yards down from the A6/A46 roundabout) between which the bridge is being erected.   

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It’s been an exciting few days since I bored you to death last week. Not only will there be a by-election on 13th September to replace Cllr Jones (she who kept us all up to date with her involvement with Borough) having been rejected by the conservatives as a candidate for the main Borough Council elections in May 2019 for some reason, she decided to resign just 9 months early. Naturally there is someone in line to stand as a conservative replacement and I suspect the other parties will be circling ready for the nomination closing date of the 16th August so a real bun fight can begin. You know already that will have a golden opportunity to vote for me rather than real politicians as I’m a normal real person, new to the area without any baggage apart from been there and done that and do like to make waves if required (aka stick head above parapet) as I’m not a party man for the sake of advancement. For goodness sake, I’m old, infirm and independent!

Those of you brave enough to attend Birstall Parish Council meeting on Monday would have seen a sight I haven’t witnessed since I was part of a group of residents who ‘took over’ an established cosy council down south via the ballot box. We learnt quickly the limitations of local government quickly followed by exploiting the rules to achieve what fellow residents wanted and the incumbents were generally out of touch with. Most were fellow business owners intending to improve the towns’ lot in spite of very little funds or reserves (unlike Birstall).

Strangely one of our first challenges was a CCTV project promoted by the Borough Council who twigged that the new council was not passive but very reactive. We had just one full time clerk and a part-time secretary so it was down to councillors to get stuck in and make sure the Borough didn’t simply impose what it thought we wanted and naturally we engaged with residents and compromise was the order of the day to keep Borough and Town in dialogue rather than the confrontation the Borough was expecting. Once the initial skirmish was over we all got on rather well (slightly help by me also getting elected as a Borough Councillor).

Thursday, August 16, 2018

It rained! The grass (aka lawn) is slowly changing from light brown to dark brown with a slight tinge of green,so there’s hope yet.

You’ll all be pleased to know that my nomination has been accepted so I can work really hard to get just enough votes to avoid being elected to the Borough Council until next May. Of course, if you live in Wanlip, on the Greengate or Hallam Fields Estates in Birstall and would like a change for a while, you can always get in touch and help me.

Yesterday was the day the man from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) came to gather information to be a piece of the data used by both government and businesses to either plan for the future or the excuse as to why something didn’t happen that everyone expected to happen. So when you next see data presented on the news from ONS, you will think of me and go ‘It’s all Normans fault’.

You all wondered what I get up, didn’t you? You can add that little gem to your list now.

The bridge that fell apart in Italy a few days ago, killing 20+ people looks like similar construction to the Hammersmith bridge in London that had to be closed whilst repairs were carried out a few years ago. Apparently this was the last in a number of similar bridge failures in the country and the government is either blaming the road operators, the corruption within the construction industry or the failure of the United States of Europe (USE) to provide enough money for Italian infrastructure projects (remember how much USE gave to the new members such as Greece to improve their infrastructure?), so I wonder what the outcome will be will be?    

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