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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

For Birstall residents, I thought I’ve give you some idea of what occurs at the Council meetings with particular reference to the one on Monday as it seems most of you have no idea what goes on on your behalf.

The first thing to remember is that the public are only allowed to speak/contribute if the standing orders are suspended and then a non resident would need the Chairmans permission. It seems the police representative has now joined the council as he contributed to the item regarding the local business community about the CCTV. Naturally no information for the public was available even though I mentioned to the Chairman that I was involved with the CCTV installation in my last residential town, so may be able to contribute. Talking about lack of agenda information I pointed out that I had downloaded the agendas from the last two meetings of my old Town Council and there were at least 12 pages of backup information so the public could get involved.

I did wonder if anything had changed with the council procedures here so downloaded a council agenda and minutes from March 2016 (around the time we moved here) and it seems nothing has changed even to the extent that the Clerk goes out instead of Councillors to sort out any problems which seems strange as the clerk advises the council on procedures and legality with the Council actually making decisions but it seems Birstall Council really just does what it’s told to and just confirm actions by others. With no public information regarding financial matters perhaps some residents ought to take more of an interest - don’t ask me as I’m not a Birstall elector as I live a few hundred yards outside the boundary. Go on dear reader, ask for the information you are entitled access to or stand for election next year. Sorry to repeat myself, but it seems so strange that I’m almost beginning to believe the rumours I keep hearing.

Sunday, February 18, 2018.

I now have an update from the Birstall Parish clerk regarding the police involvement mentioned above and it seems that unknown to everyone else, the police had responded to the business community and felt it right that councillors should address any queries to the police representative present but still thinks it’s nothing to do with the public. The query about the sound system was mainly due to councillors not used to actually using the system (which was installed apparently following an early comment I had made). I also suggested once again that reports should be made public so they might follow proceedings,but in regards to financial information, it was felt that no-one would be interested and not add any useful information. I wonder how long it will be before residents start to wonder what happens to their £300000 + every year? Don’t look at me as I I’m not a resident and obviously have no right to know.

Meanwhile (almost as good as ‘shortly’ but don’t tell anyone!) in UKIP land, as my reader knows, I do support them, yesterday members decided to vote for the lessor of two evils. Back the NEC and have yet another leadership election or back the 6th leader (in 18 months) and elect a new NEC. The NEC won, so it’s all change for another (7th) leader over the coming months. Let’s just hope Mrs May doesn’t lose her nerve and call another election!!

As I’ve said in the past, the UKIP idea is fundamentally sound, some 4 million electors agree it’s just the pool of management material is far too small. If half that 4,000000 gave £10 each, that would provide a fighting fund of £20 million less £1 million to pay it’s debts and if 10% joined UKIP, the resulting pool of talent would enable the party to occupy the current vacant middle ground (which is actually what the majority want) in the political arena. I know that there are bits of conservative policy which really are stupid as are some of the other parties - looking mainly at the socialists but the Lib-Dems are way off half way between the other two!

Being a great believer in the theory that power corrupts, the current revelations regarding the football, political and charity ‘industries’ do not surprise me in the slightest, but after 50 years of marriage (they said it wouldn’t last!!) what have I been doing wrong?   

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