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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Those who were with me at the end of June - come on, keep up! - Will remember the saga about BT trying to pull in a new cable to fix a cable fault down the road. In June they came and cleared the assorted blockages then later the cable was pulled in. Next I was told that the connections would be made in a couple of weeks. Naturally I spotted someone fiddling in the box yesterday so I was hoping the final connections were being made, as a couple of weeks ago men were down a hole up towards Birstall doing ‘things’.

This morning a man was wandering around the box down the road so as I passed I just asked was he making final connections. No, apparently the local (aka area) sewage farm had a fault and he was trying to fix it. That brought forward a thought as he knew nothing about the cable replacement but he was aware of all the assorted faults in the phone system here. Now, if only the left hand actually knew what the right hand was up too! Talk about operating on a need to know basis - I know of a local council who has that attitude. You would have thought in this day and age knowledge is normally readily available, so are they are still paranoid about security for some reason? We are not talking about public access in either case.

My recent reader would be aware I had to go for a minor operation yesterday and I’m pleased to report I’m still alive although, I hope, settling in problems. I just has cataract sucked out which is a nice simple operation but believe me the lead up is a challenge. You spend 60 to 90 minutes having assorted drops in your eye that can really sting then they give you more when you are nearly in the operating room. The operation is odd as you simply have the surgeon telling you what he is up to, but everything is just a painless light blur, so you don’t really care anyway. I won’t bore you with all the follow up drops, do’s and don’ts. With me, I perched my glasses on my nose so I could at least se something (the treated eye has a protective patch for overnight to protect the eye), so just watching TV or reading can be a challenge. Mind you clever clogs indoors had here done 10 years ago and could see from day one she says. Me?, I struggling as to which of my three pairs of glasses I should remove a lens, leave it or what. I will be asking questions later today so watch this space!    

Friday, August 3, 2018

After a lot of experimenting, removing a lens is not the solution. In my case it seems it has almost settled down and for reading, the ones I was using previously, work just as well and for anything else, no glasses are actually better than before the operation. I suppose it’s mainly because they did the worst one first, so I now have one good eye and one not as bad as the other one was before the operation. Come on, keep up, I know what I mean! Anyway, I’ve convinced myself that my sight is actually marginally better than before and that can’t be a bad thing.

It seems yet another Borough Councillor has resigned so yet another by-election may be coming our way in September only for yet another on May 2nd 2019. Naturally, I’ve been asked if I will stand, so a weekend of thinking do I really want the hassle, but I suppose the natives ought to be given the chance to get the government know that UKIP is watching as they try to wriggle out of the result of the referendum as it didn’t suit their backers. UKIP supporters don’t really trust politicians (at least this one doesn’t) and believes in democracy with just a small touch of politics otherwise nothing will get done.

So, dear reader, what do you think? Do you want to send a message that you want BREXIT to happen and as we managed for hundreds of years without formal ties, why shouldn’t we do it again as everyone seems to want to come here judging by the increasing numbers of immigrants and visitors and it can’t be the climate so it has to be something else that we have missed.

If you think yes, then get in contact as I can’t do it on my own in this heat as I’m still ill remember! On the other hand, is you think I should keep my views to myself and stop annoying you then the same applies.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

‘ello’ me hearties, it’s me again! Those of you who visited us outside the old council building just by the roundabout car park wondered what we were up to if Ed missed accosting you as you tried to slip past. It also surprised me how many actually were not from Birstall. Many had relatives who lived here, so something must be attracting someone.

Is it the free parking? - welcomed by many in this day and age of money grabbing councils, or maybe the park which many were visiting today? Anyway, only another couple of opportunities to have a chat as it’s just a 6 month trial to see how residents react, so write or e-mail the Parish Council with any comments as personally I think it’s a good idea, although the feeling is that support is not widespread within the council but I may be wrong!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

By now some may have twigged that I thought it not a bad idea to try and concentrate the minds of the government by trying to gain a few votes for UKIP before next Mays’ main Parish and Borough elections which occur just after the March 2019 deadline for the UK to actually leave USE (my regular reader will know what that means, other may guess and the rest will have to ask). So, as I got about 65 votes last time, let’s try to make it 3 figures for this by-election and send a valuable message to Mrs May that BREXIT still means BREXIT!

Of course, you could always join me trudging (and hobbling with my resistant left leg) round Greengate and Haslam Fields estates in an effort to provide an alternative to the usual political candidate. Together we can make a difference! Election date is 13th September and you know my name so what is your excuse for not voting? No good saying you don’t vote as it’s a waste of time as this time It’s a message you are sending rather than electing someone. You will get another opportunity to not vote on May 2nd 2019 after leaving USE so this time you can silently affect government thinking.

I’m still waiting for more than a few spots of rain so my new grass might stand a chance, the weeds to really establish themselves and our usual variable weather pattern returns.

I’ll tell you a coincidence that really must be a 1000 to one. My car was taken for it’s annual service and mending of things that broke over the past year and they left me one as he couldn’t drive two cars at once. After a while I thought it looked familiar and loo and behold, it was my wifes’ old car that she traded in two years ago. Normally, they bring a new demo car in an effort to get us to buy a new one, but bringing back our old one really took thinking about. I can hear you saying why didn’t I take it to the garage? Well, I had a new eye lens fitted last week and all the gunge sucked out and they don’t like you driving for a while while it settles down, so there! Don’t worry though, the other one will have to be done next so be careful out there.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Now I’m getting cross. We had some drips yesterday but rain it wasn’t. Then my wife came back from Markfield and informed me that it absolutely bucketed down there (or should that be up here?) with even puddles in the road. I know we have a river and lakes to the rear of us, but is that any reason to withhold our rain quota?

Right, for any of you who recently moved, do check that the council actually put you on the electoral roll as my new neighbour assured me it had been done, when he signed my nomination paper for the latest election in September - another will be along in May 2nd 2019 (Borough) and May 6th 2021 (County) and if Mrs May loses her nerve, then anything can happen after March 2019 - but it transpired that the Borough forgot to turn over the paper so not on the register of electors.

Meanwhile UKIP have managed to continue being disorganised, but what’s new? They have a new leader who is doing his best but I’ve stood a few times as an independent and never had any problems but I have done it all before though. I can see I might have to get involved if only to reassure some of you doubters.

Whoops, another page gone. Back soon!

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