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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Welcome from page 5 readers or new visitors will simply have to catch on!

The good news is the weather is warming up but that’s it because everything else hasn’t changed. We are all waiting with baited breath for politicians to come back after the Easter break all refreshed and ready to actually carry out the wishes of the majority of voters at the referendum (was it that ago?) But I have a feeling they are waiting for all the older voters to die off so the newly brainwashed youngsters might get it right next time. All very all and good but what if they don’t play ball? They are simply playing with us so in the interests of democracy I am giving the local residents a chance to shift the feckless existing councillors and send a message to Westminster that they will be next in line for the great British public to rebel.

Birstall Parish has the usual low number of candidates due to the lack of interest so just attend the first council meeting and you can become a councillor with no problem and no election - I tried it but my face didn’t it so they had to call an election and lo and behold I was a councillor. Due to lack of democracy on the council they will have to do without me unless they suddenly change attitude.

But never fear I’m a candidate for the Borough Council just to give the electorate a choice from the main parties by standing to represent UKIP but I’m having to make sure that I only get enough votes to worry the Conservatives (there really is no choice up here!) without actually getting elected because I’ve done that before and it’s hard work to do it well. My work will be cut out as most I’ve spoken to believe that all politicians are two faced liars and say one thing just before doing something else. It may surprise you to know it’s more complicated than that, the most do what they are told rather than represent those who elected them - the disadvantage of the party system and when I was a Borough Councillor elsewhere I ended up as group leader of 7 Independents who left the party system for that very reason. Needless to say they were all good councillors of long standing (including a couple of Mayors!) but discarded by their parties and electorate sad but reality is the party get elected not individuals!

Staying on the same subject but from a different prospective I’ve been checking out the local press in my old stamping ground and it’s still full of letters moaning about everything from why does the local council own an run a golf course next to a an established one when the money raised by disposing of it could be used to benefit ‘normal’ residents to the usual parking restrictions put in near the station has displaced all day parkers. I’m sure local residents up here could get involved if only about the proposed Broadnook estate or lack of parking in the main shopping area (council still believe shopping centre is about a mile away) or even a local ‘runaround’ bus service.

I’ll tell you what, I’ll think about it and come back later with some suggestions.       

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