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Thursday, February 8, 2018

After my trying to be co-opted onto Birstall Parish Council twice and being rejected as totally unsuitable by not only being ‘political’ (I’ve been a local councillor in another place), not actually residing in Birstall (I can see you from my garden across the field!) and worst of all, not actually being local by birth, it seems someone has called a real election to fill yet another resignation on the Council. Not sure about the other two as they are in Goscote ward but the latest is nearer in a ward called Riverside which is between Watermead and Wanlip Lane from Whiles Lane to the northern edge of Birstall along Wanlip Lane, so expect a proper election for the one vacancy sometime soon.

I have been asked to stand, so if you want to get involved, then get in touch as I’m an ‘outsider’ any help would be appreciated. Just to remind everyone, I’m an Independent (aka making life difficult for myself), I support UKIP and have done it before so know the difficulties but if you want an active representative, then I know most of the ropes on how to get things done. If I have the time, you may get a leaflet through your door (or you can help - 100 leaflets take just over the hour to deliver!). You may only get one more chance to elect more as the May 2019 election will most probably be my last as I can take a hint.

Other news is that interest rates are remaining at .5% and the Bank of England is saying that economic growth is steady and expected to stay like that. Obviously not an expert! More soon.

Friday, February 9, 2018

News has come that the paperwork for a Birstall Parish Council Riverside ward election has been confirmed, so all being well, residents should have the chance to actually elect a representative should happen soon (I love that word!), So if you are interested then keep an eye on the BPC or Charnwood web sites if you miss the public notice going up with the election date - don’t worry, as soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

Back in BREXIT land it seems that USE are intending making life as difficult as possible particularly the border between the two Irelands (Northern and Republic) forgetting that USE actually already has adjoining countries with land borders so the system is already in place and, of course, it was there before mainland Europe got ideas above their station! They are also threatening that the extended transition is under threat. Talk about sabre rattling, as everyone agreed at the beginning that the two years was set in stone to ‘concentrate everyones minds’. Mrs May must simply bite the bullet and the end of March 2019 is the date we leave come what may!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I popped along to the Council meeting at Birstall last night to see if anything has changed and it hadn’t. They managed to remember they had a sound system which the chairman pointed out was actually switched on and working - this went over everyones heads has the ‘club’ continued to mutter between themselves with the exception of the police representative (who had his microphone turned on by the chairman who was sitting alongside).

I did hear a member of the public behind me explain he went to the regular month end ‘met your local councillor’ event to ask the conservatives why they don’t get on with the Parish Council which get the expected answer. The Chairman kindly allowed me to speak (as a non-resident) about the strange idea of improving communication with the public via reports to accompany the agendas with particular reference to the CCTV item on the agenda. I think (mutter, mutter, mutter!) a councillor had looked into it and was requesting funding from the parish but the police rep didn’t think the required result would not be achieved. As I was involved 20 years ago in a similar town debate I didn’t want to muddy the waters trying to help the idea (another been there, done that, I’m afraid). By this time, there really wasn’t any point in remaining, so I left them to it.

We cannot leave BREXIT without saying anything, can I? It seems the 27 members are getting upset with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, with his negative attitude towards a member country actually wanting to leave. I think the penny is starting to drop that they might actually loose an awful lot if they lost the UK as a market. I just Mrs May actually takes notice rather than keep listening to the expert ‘advisors’ who seem bent on making sure the status quo remains no matter what.

Whilst in the mood, the Northern Ireland situation seems to have a series of sticking points around uniting the Isle of Ireland by expecting the Irish language, politics and I expect monitory union to be just below the surface. I know it was a long time since Ulster voted to join the UK rather than remain as part of the Irish Republic and it wasn’t that long ago that the Irish Republic had to have two referendums to actually join the Union States of Europe having failed the first time!! I just knew you would want to know that as it sounds familiar, I just we don’t have a long drawn out feud over USE as the two Irelands seem to be having.

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