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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dare I say it, but the sun is still shining, my care is still splattered with the mud from our May trip to a field filled with muddy water just before the rain finally gave up for a lot of weeks. Never mind, we got back on Monday from a very dry field with the sun still beating down. No wind and the grass looking more like the desert. Naturally nothing went well as I managed to put the caravan mover control down and the journey home culminated in yours truly wondering what happened to the controller when I went to shuffle the van into position. It was hot, and two elderly old codgers trying to manhandle a caravan around our drive must have been hilarious - but the neighbours kept mum! As expected I got a lot of ear bashing but I kept explaining I’m ill and to prove it yesterday was a trip to Loughborough Hospital for an appointment with all the staff telling everyone to keep drinking water available in the corner and nice and cool! Anyway, the operation is planned for next Wednesday unless they change it again, so you’ll just have to wait for all the gory details, won’t you?

Talking about hospitals (well, I am), it seems the General Hospital is having the intensive care beds reduced and they are going to be wheeled to Glenfield, which is nearer, but you can get a bus to the General and not Glenfield. I can only assume there is a cunning plan somewhere they are achieve as apparently a hospital spokesperson (man or woman?) said 3 Leicester hospitals was an accident rather than planned. Management! Talking about management, it seems Charnwood Borough Council have decided that a Loughborough Town Committee might be a good idea. I have written to say that Dacorum had the idea last century but as usual didn’t work as expected so failed after a while with the existing Town Councils doing a better job.

Wanlip Meadow pond is no more and we have yet to find the 7 heifers that have been struggling but if they are lying down they can be hard to spot but they have frequently in an area by the river bank, so let’s cross our fingers.        

Friday, July 27, 2018

It rained last night. Just thought I’d let you know. It lasted about 3 minutes and really bucketed down (OK, three buckets in total) and it didn’t even cause a flood or green grass to suddenly appear. Typical!

This morning I had a word with LCC about the diversion to erect the footbridge/cycleway from nowhere in particular to somewhere else nowhere in particular and he actually got a map up and thought it might have been better to divert light traffic via Hallam fields rather than down the country lanes of Wanlip and Birstall. However there is a bright side, the 126 and 127 buses from Leicester to Shepsted will pass our door every 15 minutes or so and then another going the other way. Naturally my next appointment at Loughborough Hospital is on the 1st August rather than 24/25th. Mind you, they keep changing my date and times, so there is hope yet! It’s suddenly dawned on me, the airport bus and park and ride buses will also be diverted and the number 2 which meanders around even more villages. It will be exciting so I’ll have to find somewhere I don’t want to go just to take advantage of this wonderful unexpected range of services.

Don’t forget, tomorrow (Saturday) you can pop along to the police hut opposite the garden centre and maybe have a word with your local Borough and Country Councillors. The following weekend - between 10 and noon - I will be one of a couple of your parish councillors ready and waiting to accept some ear bashing, so don’t forget to make a note in your diary as the project is due to finish soon so take advantage of this golden opportunity to talk informally and raise any concerns or get answers to those niggling queries you never thought you would get the chance to raise with a possibility of getting something done.   

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

As the end of the month approaches, it rained for once and our grass has a slight tinge of green. We also have an interloper in the shape of a black and white cat who has been seen around, but now has decided to pop in to see our cat overnight and mark his territory.

So last night we tried to put a stop to that, which as half successful as ours out out but couldn’t get back. We know how resourceful our puss can be, so this morning a metal mesh gate was fitted chained to some hooks. This evening will test his strength and ingenuity (when you have all night, he has managed to find a way through weighted buckets, ripped a 25kg bag of cat litter to pieces and even pulled a rigid cat flap to one side to squeeze out). You can’t keep a elderly fit cat down!!

My regular reader will recall that we had a new kitchen installed earlier this year and as we had a new one fitted at our old address just before we shifted 100 miles up the M1, we decided to have the same appliances once again. This was the property that the buyer wanted to live in, remember? and promptly applied to demolish and build a couple of 4/5 bedroomed homes. The bungalow was gone over Christmas and they are still on the market unbuilt!

However, I digress. Naturally the appliances had been ‘updated’ (like our cars, but that’s another story!) Although the oven was so similar you would never notice but the hob had been ‘electronicised’. You know, no knobs only touch areas. Our cat has finally defeated the software that stops cats from accidentally energising the rings. I know, I know, I should never believe the assurances of the salesman who says cats cannot turn it on accidentally. So he did it deliberately I suppose? Another modification to defeat the ‘soft touch’ or ‘soft paw’ is now in place.    

Over on Wanlip Meadows, we have spotted the 7 cattle this morning again, so either they were moved to an adjacent field with water, or were hiding in the long grass. The pond is looking only damp rather than having water , but the overflow ditch between one of the lakes and the river has come up about 3 inches, the canal about 2 inches and you can see the river actually flowing - but for how long?

I’m off tomorrow for a minor operation at Loughborough and they were even kind enough to assure me the operation is still booked, but did ask if I was still taking the same medication and how was I getting there. My answers seemed to satisfy her so the first of my two operations should happen unless they decide to do them one after the other although that’s not likely as if it’s anything like the Royal they have to book ‘theatre time’ so if tomorrows is successful another will happen soon. Have you noticed how they can never check up over in one trip, it always has to be several with someone else each time. The only one with just one visit was my 999 call in 2016 all the others made sure I found all three Leicester hospitals and made use of their medical equipment. I’m not complaining as where I was, you really didn’t want to go to again. The two modernised hospitals were simply down graded, land sold and everything was supposed to be on a rebuilt/refurbished site. Then the money didn’t materialise!! Equipment was going to be moved from one hospital to the ‘newer’ one only they found it had been installed as a new block was built a few years earlier and couldn’t be moved without demolition, which meant they had even less money than they thought.

To crown it all, the new CE who planned all these changes at the end of the last century, having assured all and sundry he was staying to see it all through when challenged upped sticks once he spotted the idea couldn’t work to another trust on more money to force through a similar project. Been there, seen it and suffered!!

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