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Well, Happy New Year and trust you are prepared for whatever the politicians have in store for us because if you don’t know, they know even less.

Let’s start with what we know, there will be local elections in May so instead of sitting and saying what a useless lot they are, why not have a go yourself. That’s exactly what I did in 1995 and it’s easier than you think. In my case we shifted the existing Town Council, put the fear of god into the Borough Council and to a lesser extent the County Council.

I say we did, only because a group of business people had enough of the the existing cosy politicians that ‘ruled’ the town and naturally when push came to shove, I was the only one who stood up to be counted. It only took the one and soon a group of us decided we could shift the incumbent councillors and not do a worse job for the town. We went under an independent political banner as we represented all political views but determined to work together (not easy, believe me!).

We shifted all but two of the existing councillors and I was stupid enough to stand for the Borough as well. For some reason I had more votes that any other candidates but we all did exceedingly well but the other parties did their best to do us down. Remember we had never done anything like it before so we had to made our own rules up and it was a steep learning curve as local government is like running a business only having to take into account the law and the electorate.

Naturally, a number of the new councillors fell by the wayside frequently because they couldn’t get their own way which encouraged the main political parties to rub their hands together, but by the end of the four year term couldn’t agree between themselves either so we still had the majority but they could see that being democratic did have advantages and frequently agreement was the order of the day.

I wonder why don’t our MP s in Westminster just stop fighting and remember we voted to leave the United States of Europe (USE) expecting nothing although I secretly hope that as we voted yes in the referendum in the 70’s to join the European Common Market, that was the way to go but they moved the goal posts without even a by your leave and Ted Heath took it upon himself to go much further hence the pickle we are currently in. Why do politicians believe they know best when they are no better than the rest of us at the end if the day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Today is the day when parliament does just what it wants by knowing they are right and everyone else is wrong. Not only that, but they must know best as they conned the electorate into believing they knew it all and will carry out all the promises they made.

If you believe that, what hope do we have? OK, I’m a local government councillor and 20 odd years ago I was elected with an overwhelming majority then the fickle public believed the major party candidates they would do better and threw me out at the next election. Of course, they did no better than I did but as an independent, what chance did I have? Having relocated 100 miles up the M1, I was elected  to Birstall Parish Council unopposed last year. Not actually surprising, as few councillors up here have to fight due to absolute disinterest by the residents

It’s a cosy little club that unless anyone makes waves, it just carries on and woe betide anyone who tries to make waves! I expect in May they will all return to the club for the next 4 years. Even as I write, there are 4 vacancies so put your hand up if you want to be called a parish councillor. If only it been that simple down south.

Tomorrow the world will end with our elected representatives going their own way and ignoring the majority of voters. Next time there is an election if we don’t vote the right way we can have another go. Wishful thinking I fear!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

So, the politicians decided they were right again and ignored what the public wanted. Not really surprising really and we went against them by voting to leave so they are getting their own back.

I wonder if the Irish would have voted (at the second time of asking) to join USE if we hadn’t joined first? If they stayed out and we were in the same arguments would have been used about the border the. I wonder if they could be persuaded to left as well. I would solve a lot of arguments, wouldn’t it.

As I see it, the commons will vote against the Labour motion of not confidence in the government leaving the problem sill around. We don’t want another referendum which then just leaves the Irish to join us and leave USE or a new PM (who would want that job at the moment?). Not sure a simply ‘walking away’ option is viable now, the opportunity was lost in 2016 due to government not really believing the great British public wouldn’t behave the way the ‘nudge unit’ (regular readers know exactly what I mean) was nudging it. We learnt not to when it was first set up under Tony Blair, so out of touch are politicians!!

Oh well, a week is a long time in politics, so lets see what the next week brings.

Meanwhile at Birstall Parish……………………. Perhaps not now!

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