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14th Dec 2017 - I suppose that apart from the fact that last nights sleet froze and the footpaths are slightly slippery, it was the governments defeat over amendments to the withdrawal bill that is today's news. This was supposed to allow government to negotiate with 27 member states of USE and allow us to continue as we have since being forced to extend a trading partnership to a political ideal of forming a ‘country’ made up of a few individual European countries. Only, flushed with success of just a few, expanded to embrace anyone who adjoined this ‘country’ (now known as USE) without putting workable political framework in place as the ‘members’ still wanted to remain independent (what a strange idea).

One has to accept that without UKIP, the great British public would have done what they usually do and simply grumble when it affected them and politicians will make the right noises and all will be well until next time. The next time came home to roost with the referendum. For once the public actually got the opportunity to let politicians know what they thought about just one subject. No ‘Ifs’ or ‘buts’ in spite of the party machines trying to persuade the public that they knew best, over 4 million electors (the majority) chose UKIP over the ‘established’ political parties. Nevertheless, not to be outdone, the arguments continued to destroy the establishment and it started by the government calling an election to re-establish it’s authority only to sadly fail, but not to worry, continued battling to get its own way. Last night the chicken came home to roost!!

All would have been avoided if they had accepted the peoples will and simply triggered article 20 of the ‘treaty’ and given 24 months notice the day after the referendum. Walking away is what the public expected and the 24 months was enough time to sort out what financial commitments we had to meet until we left and other ‘overlaps’ could be dealt with as they occurred. The problem was that the referendum was called without politicians even considering that the public would not do as they were told to (remember the ‘nudge’ committee?). Of course, USE simply still don’t believe that GB will leave and hang them out to dry which is why they are making things difficult by talking about divorce rather than leaving a club. I trust Mrs May will confront the club management committee today and tell them that the ‘nudge’ committee failed to convince MPs as well as the great British public that USE is a wonderful idea and only considers what is good for Europe.

I really cannot think what went wrong!

Friday 15th December. Now we know what’s gone wrong. They have agreed to continue forward with their ‘divorce’ settlement and we are simply just leaving.

Naturally they are saying the next round will be more difficult and looking at what they are expecting although it bears no relation to what we voted for. For example, they expect customs to remain as is and us to comply with all their requirements. Their courts will be the final arbiter and free movement of citizens will be expected. We cannot talk to anyone else until we finally leave and will not have a say in anything that affects our relationship with USE. Finally, we have to meet all financial commitments that they say we are committed to - from an organisation that has yet to have any bean counters agree their accounts.

Talk about one being one sided, but I expect their excuse is we haven’t told them what we expect (simple really, we don’t expect anything when we walk away as they will need to come to us!).

Finally, having already given the required 24 months notice, they now want another 24 months to convince us that they are right!!

This has all the elements of a farce, hasn’t it?, and an expensive one at that.

Oh, I nearly forgot, the Irish Prime Minister is making all the noise to expect a re-unified Ireland before the Irish will agree to anything. Remember all 27 have to agree and our Parliament also has to agree all before March 2019. Shall we simply just walk now and save a lot of grief??

It’s Saturday 16th December 2017 and to cheer myself up (the above is enough to upset anyone), so I’m listening to the Kenny Everett show first broadcast on radio 2 in 1981, (he didn’t last long again) and it just reminded what a talent we have lost. For those of you too young enough to remember how life was before USE really got under our skin may I suggest looking around for some archive material from either the pirates (rare has hens teeth, Capital (with Dave Cash), or the beeb (best bet I would think!) as it will make your day and wonder what went on in his head before the digital age!

It’s still 2018, the snow has gone, the rain has come and the flood plain is actually doing what it’s supposed to. At the end of 2017, I was again turned down by Birstall Parish Council be co-opted and take up one of the now two vacancies on the council. I went early to sit in on the planning meeting that preceded full council and what a difference between here and were I used to be down south. Talk about avoiding making comments on plans. It appeared they didn’t realise the Parish Council is supposed to be the local eyes and ears of the local community but as they seemed to just mumble between themselves and agree that ‘no comment’ would be appropriate even though they have microphones so a sound system must be somewhere - not for public help though. I wonder if a loop system exists??

Many readers will be aware of the house that got blown up by a gas leak and sadly the death of a resident next door. A large number of neighbouring dwellings were so damaged that they will be uninhabitable until at least the summer. I just hope that residents on the estate have their gas pipes inspected under the solid floors as the general view is a leak on the householders gas pipes where a joint failed. In my days on construction sites, denso tape (www.denso.net/densotape/index.htm) was always wrapped around gas pipes embedded under concrete floors so that corrosion didn’t happen. It was also the time when corners were cut to save money as labour was cheap with materials very expensive, small developments were much better supervised but I’ve been on some very suspect larger 1950/60s developments. To be honest I’m in a one off 1970s bungalow as I write, and believe me, even the surveyor concluded that as it was still standing it should last me out!! Shall I just say that nothing surprises me here!

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