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3rd Dec 2017

I see today that a recent opinion poll suggests that the public don’t really like the way the so called negotiations are going now the so called ‘divorce bill’ may be £50 billion.

We are simply leaving a club and given the required 2 year notice. End of!

Along with millions of others, that is what I and we expected to happen, particularly as USE still has no accurate accounts to back up any numbers and only expect us to tell them what we think is fair (only to them say it’s wrong). I’m almost remember when we joined the EEC and I don’t remember anything about paying for other members infrastructure or pensions for EEC staff. It was a simple trading agreement that we were asked to support. What a pity the conservative government later simply announced in parliament that we were joining the new United States of Europe comprising of just a few western Europe countries. No ifs or buts or referendum!! Politicians have such short memories (unless in their interest!!). We are constantly reminded about the mess the last Labour government left the country in, but not a word about the sly conservative way they got us into this mess.

All the theories about how much the economy would suffer if we voted to leave came to nothing, so how accurate are the theories about the end of our country if we just walk away, about the same I think we all agree. Trouble is I keep looking at the country of origin of the things I buy and with deodorant made in Russia (not a member), oranges from South Africa (not a member), electrical bits from the far east (not a member) to name just a few, things are not really a lot different from the 1960s and 70s as we are a trading nation with the world. I wonder if they have the will to bit the bullet and ignore all the pressure groups who like things easy. Simply collecting taxes on profits being made in this country would pay for anything the profits of doom actually get right whilst they figure out how to circumnavigate any measures brought in and the rest of us simply get on with what we are good at - trading with the world! See section on leaving USE

It’s a bit sad to watch PMQs on Wednesday with the 2nd division party leaders fluffing both questions and answers. It just goes to show it’s not as easy as it looks and reminded me how difficult it was an an Independent on a Borough Council in the home counties to get an question out at full council phrased in such as way it stood a chance of actually getting a sensible answer as a reply.

The council even sent a number of us on a course on how to make presentations to the public etc. and watching the video a while ago, I confess it looked better than it seemed at the time although I had a little more hair at the time and compared well with others on the course. Naturally, this was much easier than having questions thrown at you and having to respond sensibly. PMQ is well prepared with questions known to both sides although the answer may not be, but there you are.

The reason I started this, is as many think it’s easy to be a politician and wonder how they get so many things wrong. There is also the problem that many go into politics for the wrong reason (hence the number of resignations, particularly in local government, even though many have been prepared by their political parties but little experience of the real world. It’s a cruel world in there!

Meanwhile, Christmas will soon be with us, it snowed yesterday, so I’ll get my sledge out tomorrow to go to the local Christmas fair in the village hall, but I don’t expect you’ll be there so if I don’t get back here have a good Christmas and 2018 won’t be far behind.

Back here in Wanlip land, following Birstall Parish Council rejection of me to fill one of the Councillor vacancies in April 2017, with the resignation of yet another parish councillor (gone onto higher things by thrashing me at the May Borough Council by-election (another one died), I thought I’d have another go, so on Monday 18th December you can watch me being humiliated again shortly after 7pm at Birstall Village Hall.

This date has moved due to a gas explosion across the field at the back of us on Monday 11th and the Village Hall taken over as refreshment/recovery hall.


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