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Who thought up that stupid name for the process of detaching from a group of countries in Europe who are trying to become the United States of Europe (USE).

We are trying to leave a club and the club keeps on going about getting a divorce and keeping mum about any settlement terms they expect, whereas we would like to know if they want anything in particular. Of course, it’s one against an unpredictable group of 27 who cannot even balance the books or even get agreed accounts, but seem to expect any leavers to pay the running costs of said club forever and a day (as you would) They cannot even agree how much this club member has agreed (committed to) possibly because the accounts are not exactly accurate. We suggest a figure and they simply say it’s not enough - but how do they know?

I see now that even the Brits are talking about a ‘divorce’ bill and USE still have no idea how much our liabilities are actually, so the government is providing a ‘final’ figure of £40 million, but naturally USE have moved the goal posts by ignoring that and moving onto the land border between the Republic of Ireland and our bit completely forgetting there was a border there since 1923 until on the second time of asking the Irish down south just had to vote to joint USE or have a third referendum. I think if someone was to simply produce a booklet about or relations with the Irish and the rest of Europe and hand it out at these USE meetings, it would save a lot of arguments as they have no idea about history, preferring to simply ignore and previous wars between themselves and or us and how we have had to sort out their squabbles several times in the last 100 and a bit years!

Did I really mention on the finance page that the budget appeared to be an election budget? I’m afraid I did and as the ‘divorce’ saga continues, it looks more and more like it may come to pass. The Irish once again seem to want their cake and eat it. No mention that it took 2 referendums to sweet talk the Irish public into joining USE with lots of promises and/or threats that the world as they know it, will end if they stay outside the ‘club’ - sorry, marriage. It’s looking increasing likely that unless the Irish Republic accept that it might be a good idea if they too, bite the bullet and have a similar referendum as we had, then either the border with the rest of USE will have to move back to the waters edge or the boundary with the UK as there is no way that Northern Ireland will leave the UK even if that is something the south would really love to have happen. History suggests that would be the worst of any changes and set the peace process back decades - which every one agrees is unthinkable.

The PM is caught between a rock and a hard place and has to find a way out by December 15th at the very latest, otherwise it will be put off until next year not leaving enough time to complete the withdrawal process before we leave anyway.

Election anyone??

Friday the 8th brings news that the balls are still in the air with no borders between USE and the UK, but still no trade deal. All may be revealed in the coming months when the balls start to fall to the ground. If, as being promised today, the balls remain in the air, then it really will be a a case of having cake and eating it, particularly if the bill to leave the club (our commitments) remain under £40 billion and the European Courts shuffle out of the way by 2026! Political promises as usual but do we believe what they are saying when the devil is in the detail which will not be forthcoming until 2019?

I may come back to this subject sooner rather than later.

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