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I know you are just being nosy, but I really don’t mind.

This section is simply the ramblings of an old man that will just lurk around for a short while to keep you on your toes.

So, let’s get going shall we? It’s only a five page rolling load of drivel - but it’s my drivel!!

In an effort to put the world to rights, I really am getting fed up with all this ‘Brexit’ discussions and reports to the extent that I suspect they really don’t know how to actually make it happen. I like to think I’m Mr Average who thinks what the average person thinks without pushing any particular agenda. Having said that, I support the principles of UKIP although I’m not sure that UKIP has yet worked out just where they need to go, having actually achieved the central goal of a government decision to return the UK to an independent country that works with others for the benefit of us all.

The main political parties are really just paying lip service to the referendum result by listening to all the assorted lobbyists pushing their own policies. They must be simply too young to remember that we managed for centuries to trade, manufacture and provide services all of our own backs to the extent that we manufactured goods that others wanted in return for items such as food other things we cannot produce ourselves. We even exported raw materials for others to use as well as imported similar goods. Our service industries (including finance) were in demand all over the world and built into the industry we know and love (or should that be hate?) Today.

In the run up to the referendum, we were told that if we voted to leave the somewhat bureaucratic organisation we know as USE (United States of Europe) we would all suffer, wages drop like a stone, interest rates rise, the housing market go into free fall etc. I expect a lot of highly paid consultants might actually loose their jobs in the process. So what happened? Simply put, it was scare mongering of the highest order and to crown it all, once the Armageddon didn’t happen ‘they’ decided it was still on it’s way.

So working on my fairly confident assumption that we may still be around in the future, let’s see what we need to do to ensure our little world continues in an acceptable way once the politicians accept that we will be leaving USE in March 2019 and we will continue to trade with both USE and the rest of the world. As an example of the doom and gloom still being pushed onto us, most of our imported foods can be sourced either from within the UK, or as now, South Africa and New Zealand to mention just countries of origin on some staple foods in my cupboard. Indeed many things can be grown or reared here by simply making it worth while.

30th Oct 2017

Sorry about the slight pause, but other things keep happening for some reason. I suppose the world is simply looking for something to talk about. The current matters being addressed by the media is a bit of Spain trying to escape the clutches of Spain, then we have the result of power corrupting with tales of sexual misdemeanours coming out of the BBC, MP's, the White House, the entertainment industry and anywhere else where people exert power over others. Indeed anything to take peoples minds of important issues.

I’ll tell you what, how about I ignore what the government ‘nudge’ unit is trying to hide (regular readers will know exactly what I mean!) And stick to my little world so you can safely doze off in front of the TV like what I do. Talking about which they are now getting concerned that viewing figures are dropping and the number of listeners to good old steam radio are on the increase. I can’t think why as simply trying to find a programme guide for radio programs is almost impossible whereas TV guides are two a penny - anyone help on that front?

Next time, I really will stick to something important. What UKIP really ought to do now as everyone else is running round like headless chickens?

31st Oct 2017

Just another quick thought, I’ve noticed that many of he so called revelations in news recently actually started out in Private Eye, so to hear about the news before it’s made public, maybe you ought to subscribe to Private Eye rather that hoping your local newsagent still has a copy.

So, back to my world. It’s really difficult to know just where to begin as a lot of things actually need resolving from health to housing to finance to public services. I think I’ll take subjects one by one then I can come back to each as appropriate. Mind you, there will be overlap, so bear with me!


In my world, the idea of actually owning my home was laughable as my great grandparents were either in service or moving around looking for work between fighting in wars. Obviously all in rented or provided accommodation. Grandparents still in rental property, but more settled between the wars, then my parents found local authority housing were the norm with employment easier to come by. Councils were able to borrow money long term at very good rates direct from the government.         

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