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Thursday, February 1, 2018
Another month suddenly creeps up on everyone.
Naturally the ‘remainers’ are picking a subject a day to put the fear of god into everyone. Yesterday afternoon it was the complete breakdown of law and order once we get chucked out of Europol. If I remember correctly, that actually preceded the political links called USE as it did and still does to everyone except the remoaners. Not only that, but it seems only reports that anyone is interested in are the guesstimates that the economists and discredited polling outfits are putting out to ‘prove’ that everyone else will prosper whilst we dive into the deep recession that forgot to occur as predicted when the great British public realised what was going on.
Somewhat annoyingly, like many others, I foolishly believed the conservatives when they said the referendum result was save in their hands. Stupid boy!!
The referendum was only called because of the pressure being placed on the current political elite by the 4 million electors who made their views very much known at the 2015 general election contrary to the expert view of the pollsters and political focus groups. Then just as we settled down to two years of transition and negotiation, Mrs May decided the public must be wrong and called a sudden general election with the expected result (well to me, in any case!) so what now folks?
You all know I support the views of UKIP and they are unlikely to be in a position to form a viable government for at least two elections, so that’s what we need to do - get the UKIP supporters off their bums and become ‘activists’. If we are not careful, the Momentum activists are currently doing their best to infiltrate the Labour party with a fair degree of success, I must say. So the invisible movement that brought about the referendum over Europe must become more visible. To be fair they are currently a little sluggish but I pushing them in the right direction so why not join UKIP and put a few bob where you thoughts are, so we can promote democracy ourselves as the current bunch of politicians are somewhat elite. The UKIP web site is www.ukip.org, but do not get put off by the shambles I found or you can always contact me by e-mail with any questions, queries or just pass on views you may have about this site, me, Wanlip, Birstall or UKIP. You know you want to, don’t you??
Friday, February 2, 2018
Birstall Parish Council have lost yet another Councillor bringing the total to 3 vacancies. I really don’t think it’s worth me wasting my time trying to get co-opted as they have already rejected my advances twice and I was intending to wait until the ‘normal’ May 2019 local elections to show my hand, but this morning the door bell was rung by an existing councillor who gave me the news about the resignation and suggested that they couldn’t reject me if actually elected and was last seen trotting down the drive to collect some ‘volunteers’ to nominate me as a candidate in the forthcoming election. Watch this space guys and gals!!
Saturday, February 3, 2018
I thought I’d let you know is raining so unable to bike to the village, go and do some gardening, I thought I’d return to my list of things to do before our home falls apart only that didn’t actually activate much enthusiasm, so here I am looking at next doors boiler puffing out lots of Carbon Monoxide - oh, it’s just stopped -  oh, it’s just started again - exciting isn’t it?
Next weekend will be more interesting as UKIP are having a meeting to decide if their umpteenth leader stays or goes after the the National Executive Council said he should resign. Of course, a leadership election should follow if the meeting agrees with the NEC or an election for a new NEC will surely follow if the members attending say they are wrong. As a friend once said to me the best idea is a committee of one! Still, the way things are going with all the dissertations being put forward over a simple question the public were asked a year or three ago where the answer was a simple majority was needed as to whether yes or no was what the public wanted. The politicians are really making a meal of the result. The public expected the required letter giving 2 years notice of leaving to be sent the next day. The result is just showing up how disorganised both the United States of Europe (USE) and the UK actually are.  We didn’t have this problem when the government decided to join USE, so what’s going on? The two years was deemed to be plenty of time by USE now they keep wanting to extend it. It smacks of fear to me, both because they have a lot of money to lose if we leave and our side don’t have the confidence any more to survive on our own.
Shame on the lot of them!
Monday, February 5, 2018
How many of you watched ‘Endeavour’ last night? The first murder was filmed in Church lane (aka Back Lane) in a market town called Berkhamsted, so were several other scenes:

Naturally you are wondering why the connection. Well I spent some 60+ years there getting involved and just about everything else until we decamped ‘up norf’ to Wanlip. More photos are available!
After that slight digression, life in Brexit land continues apace with the next couple of days with meetings with the USE mob who will simply tell us what to do and our so called ‘negotiators' saying ‘yes sir, yes sir. three bags full sir!’ unless our prime minister actually reminds them they wanted just 2 years notice so it concentrates everyones minds and adding time isn’t really on! Should be an interesting week.
Thursday, February 8, 2018
For Starters:-
Clement Attlee must be spinning in his grave. As he said of the fledgling EEC in August 1962: “I confess I feel gravely disturbed. We are allying ourselves with six nations of Europe; it may be more, but six at present. Four of those we rescued only twenty years or so ago from domination by the other two.”
Three months later he said this: “Unfortunately, in this country the propaganda for entering the Common Market has been largely based on defeatism. We are told that unless we do it we are going to have a terrible time. That is no way to go into a negotiation. You ought to go into a negotiation on the basis that they have need of you, not just you of them.”
I’m sure by tomorrow all will become clear as to what USE has up it’s sleeve as they make life as difficult as possible and adding fuel to the ‘guesses’ being put forward by all the so called ‘experts’.
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