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Thursday, July 12, 2018
Today was the day the white paper on the ‘new’ cunning plan to get the government out of the hole it’s been digging for the past 2 years. The new BREXIT minister stood up in the commons to answer questions on the paper to set everyones’ mind at rest. Suddenly the penny dropped. No one actually had a copy of the paper they were supposed to have read and inwardly digested so that any sensible questions could be asked. Whoops, the speaker of the commons had to suspend parliament whilst copies were distributed in the house, and members could wade through it to ask questions.
What a pity I didn’t make it up! Talk about a government in shambles. I hear on the grapevine that even staunch members of the Conservative Party are beginning to wonder whether this could be a good time to defect to UKIP if only to express their concern. Let’s be honest, it really is a shambles and the leadership seems to have lost it’s way. The only good thing is that the others are not much better, so with membership from just £30 a year, maybe now is the time to reconsider your alliances and use a membership of UKIP as a pressure tool to make government sit up and take notice. As you know, I’m a member and if only we could take the best bits of the Conservative, the Socialists, the Lib-Dems and the others, then as a country we may be able to put the Great back into great Britain.
You want to know more?, then is as good place to start and as I’m a role model!! then you could always get in touch if only to find out more - no, I’m not an activist, I’m the bloke round the corner who wonders where we all went wrong?
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
I really don’t know how to say this, but we went away for the weekend and I saw some rain! It was enough to give the brown grass as slight tinge of green - confirmed when I moved my car to come home and there was brown grass surrounded by a green(ish) shade of green grass! Indeed it was enough to get the windows wet - just! On returning, I found that our brown grass is still well brown, but the weeds are getting moisture from somewhere.

I notice in the ‘Your Local’ for Birstall that Borough Councillor Renata Jones had fallen foul of the political party system by actually taking an interest in residents problems and not only that, by actually having a monthly column informing electors on her council activities.  One has to understand that the Conservatives (aka the government) have actually dug a hole which is proving difficult to extract themselves from, so they need ‘experienced local councillors’ for 2019 willing to stand as an MP in 2020 and toe the party line. Hence Renata has apparently been de-selected for next Mays elections. Of course, I may be completely wrong.
You may think you are electing a representative but many simply vote for a ‘party’ without thought. Councillor Jones actually tries to inform and help residents (wot they are elected to do), but the party system positvly discourage ‘back benchers’ from making waves by simply being democratic. Having seen this process from the inside I freely admit to membership of UKIP but very unlikely to stand for election as anything but Independent, because I am although supporting the principles of UKIP.
This afternoon, lots of things may happen as the PM is sticking to her guns and still saying that we are leaving the EU, but why, oh, why does no one believe her? Maybe because everyone else thinks that leaving the EU means leaving the EU and once we have left, we can start thinking about what the EU wants to do about it. If they cannot decide what they want and the government simply keeps saying what we want and they say no, then leave and see what happens. The government keeps forgetting that we managed for centuries working on a day to day basis, so if they want something, why don’t they ask us rather than us suggesting something only for them to say no. Very one sided it seems to me and most of the public although maybe we are not getting the whole story.
Narrow victories in the commons does not inspire confidence, so as they all go off for a holiday somewhere, until September or whenever, the rest of us would simply like to know just what is going on.
Finally today, through my letterbox came next weeks planning agenda for Monday 23rd at 10:00. One thing about this Parish Council is that planning is not a strong point as even yesterday, no mention had been made apart from on the last agenda with a ‘if required’ note beside it. So if you ever think of becoming a councillor on Birstall Parish Council leave every day free just in case there is a meeting. What a way to run something (I was going to say council but that’s pushing it!).
Friday, July 20, 2018
Another week without any rain here. I was looking at our screensaver on one of the computers yesterday and noticed that we used to have a bowl of water in the middle of the lawn at Chestnut Drive which attracted various wildlife including hedgehogs, foxes and birds who wanted a bath! Naturally I found one to put out in the middle of the brown ‘lawn’ and overnight it had been half empted. I just I hope it puts off the moles, as now instead of mounds of soil, we just have inch and a half holes. At least the moles didn’t like the clay and chalk!
The dogs have gone off for their holidays again for a few days, so I might actually be able to get something done without four animals watching everything and then reminding me I missed a bit. And the the cat simply makes sure I’m around before finding somewhere quiet.
I was watching a program on TV the other day where it seems mobile phones (sorry smart phones) spend their lives talking back to somewhere and reporting on everything you get up to. I had to acquire one the other week and I told it not to work in the background. As I only wanted it as a phone, I just had a simple £10 topup which has lasted ages with my old phone. Suddenly it all disappeared by the end of the week with lots of data shifted without a ‘by your leave’. I now have a nice basic phone, but I should have known better as in the days when I ran a mobile radio service, roaming from area to area caused a number of technical problems, but obviously not as sophisticated as todays smart phones, the problem is exactly the same so lots of data has to be shifted around the airways. Always remember that anyone can listen to your radio broadcasts - afterall that’s all a mobile phone does.
Sunday, July 22, 2018    
I just have to tell you, the manhole cover across the road was damp this morning,so I just had to go and have a look. There was damp stuff coming out of the sky for about 30 minutes. It must have totalled about 1/32 of an inch as I managed to get a short trickle out of one of our water butts afterwards. Not only that but the grass as turned dark brown rather than the light brown I was just getting used to and I’ve convinced myself that there is a pale green tinge if you look carefully. The latest weather forecast is that more of this strange stuff might arrive on August 1st, so be careful out there!
I’ve managed to wash the kitchen floor as well as putting up a door-less wall cupboard in the utility room, it’s so much easier doing things without 4 dogs doing their best to get in the way - however the cat has now worked out that the dogs are away and follows me around everywhere instead.
The moles are obviously getting fed up with their tunnels falling in on them with this lack of binding agent (aka wet stuff) holding the soil together. I just hope they have managed to get across the road as I hear that the A6 is being closed for a few days from August 24th whilst they erect a foot bridge from a footpath to and from the park and ride (who thought that was a good idea??). Naturally, the main designated route is along the A46, left down/up the A607 and to the outer ring road. Other traffic will come through our little hamlet, then along the next village residential road back to the A6. As the bridge is to assist the residents of a new estate which happens to have a nice wide road looping around said bridge, one can only surmise it’s not on their maps yet!     
No, you cannot make it up!
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