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Wednesday, February 28, 2018 continued
Today comes the reaction to USE (United States of Europe) presenting a document that would mean that Northern Ireland remaining as part of USE just because they are unable to think of a way to allow fairly free movement of goods across the Irish fields without imposing their methodology on part of the UK. By the backdoor (literally) they see it as a way to keep us funding their grandiose plans as USE. I’m not convinced the political leaders of the other 26 countries will see it as a good idea as some are looking enviously at what we are doing and hoping to use it as a template for their own plans.
Looking on the bright side, in spite of all the economic predictions of doom and gloom, Toyota have confirmed they are expanding in the UK and the new Toyota Auris will be built on their existing site just off the A50/A38 junction in Derbyshire. At least they understand how we think, primarily because Japan is also an island and islanders really do have a different attitude generally to those who have to travel long distances just to find sea. It must be the isolation and protection it provides, so islanders have to sort their own problems out.
I wonder how the swans are managing on the lakes across the river in this cold? I’m afraid, the water meadows are suffering from water so as our dogs are not fans of wading through two inches of muddy water - still spring will be soon with us and the water might evaporate as it’s only just above the high level of the river and canal yes, we have it all here!!)   
Thursday, March 1, 2018
What can I say?, it’s the 1st of the month and there is a lot of snow about. Just to add to the situation, we had a couple of power cuts overnight which meant clocks needed resetting, some of our data systems needed resetting as they shut down to protect themselves and worse of all, the heating stopped following during the power outage as the heating went off for over an hour and the outside temperature froze an outside pipe causing the boiler to protect itself. Why these things can’t sort themselves out, I really don’t know in this day and age.
Now we have two ex-prime ministers and someone who actually believes he might be one day, coming out  and suggesting that the key to us leaving USE is the border between the two bits of Ireland - one part of the UK who having never voted to join USE in the first place, recently voted to leave, the other part had to have two goes before they voted to join USE. It makes me wonder if a third go may result in the Republic also leaving which would go some way towards the current problem of the government actually leaving USE without upsetting the world and his wife. I somehow don’t think the Irish government would dare having yet another defeat. Remember they are an island like us and as I said a day or two ago, attitudes are different to those on large land masses.
Just to confirm, although it’s awfully cold - just how cold you will have to wait until the Saturday table is uploaded, but the wind is really biting, our eldest dog can walk and shiver for a while before I have to pick him up to warm him up. We seem to be in a location where we are currently missing all the havoc to the north, the south and the east, however the forecasters have spotted this and threats of real snow arriving from about 9pm this evening through to Sunday when all will be well. The cold will ease, the rain will come and usual British weather will return, or not!
Saturday, March 3, 2018
As promised, the weekly 2018 temperature list has been posted, so off you go!
Today we woke up with an inch sprinkle of white stuff, the wind has dropped and temperature on the way up - well not as low as it has been this week. Due to cold water, the boiler failed once again. Kettle of hot water gets carried out in the bitter wind to thaw of the frozen pipe, reset the boiler and after a little thought, it decided to start providing heat. By now I’m starting to wonder if this is standard in this country - it seems it is as the news is reporting that plumbing firms are having a wonderful time with call outs to ‘broken’ boilers.
Now, we moved in here in March 2016 and had a new heating and hot water system installed along with an en-suit for the bedroom and replacement bathroom fittings etc. What could go wrong? Well, for starters the hot water system had to be replaced due to lack of water, assorted leaks due reuse of old pipes (they actually finished replacing the bathroom ceiling about a month ago). The replacement hot water system needed larger pipe work (switched from mains fed to tank fed), but the original ½ inch pipes remained, so I had to replace the taps for ones with better flow (yes, they are different!) So now acceptable - could be better if job had been done properly. By the way, we are not talking about a cheap job as it’s a bungalow and we are in excess of £30,000 lighter!!
By this time, I’ve got out the boiler paperwork which clearly states it’s been installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions. Obviously Worcester boilers have missed the problem that heating boilers are most useful the colder it gets, but no. It clearly says on Page 27 (installation) that any external condensate pipe work of excessive runs (??) Should be protected with weather resistant insulation to prevent freezing so that’s open to interpretation only on page 12 (pre-installation) there come the real killer. ‘The pipe should be run internally as far as possible before going externally’………..’ The pipe should be insulated using suitable waterproof and weather resistant insulation’ - that is clear even to me!
I wonder how many of the boiler ‘failures’ are similar faults (not boiler faults by installation faults - no wonder they more money that I ever did!) which brings me neatly to why I never thought about carrying out installations (remember I’m a proper electrician, time served and own business for 40 years) which would be done in such a way that customers are likely to call me back to repair faults. I’m afraid my lot kept having me back usually because things didn’t generally fail - some even tried to get me back from here, but ill health put a stop to that as the distance and traffic would mean it would cost too much, although I’m on the mend now with few ongoing effects.

Thursday, February 8, 2018
For Starters:-
Clement Attlee must be spinning in his grave. As he said of the fledgling EEC in August 1962: “I confess I feel gravely disturbed. We are allying ourselves with six nations of Europe; it may be more, but six at present. Four of those we rescued only twenty years or so ago from domination by the other two.”
Three months later he said this: “Unfortunately, in this country the propaganda for entering the Common Market has been largely based on defeatism. We are told that unless we do it we are going to have a terrible time. That is no way to go into a negotiation. You ought to go into a negotiation on the basis that they have need of you, not just you of them.”
I’m sure by tomorrow all will become clear as to what USE has up it’s sleeve as they make life as difficult as possible and adding fuel to the ‘guesses’ being put forward by all the so called ‘experts’.
You may have noticed I’ve got to the end of my promised 5 pages, so below will be a link back to page 1 where I will continue to entertain (that’s my excuse anyway) - see you shortly!

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