Do you really have nothing else to do?

You obviously have nothing else to do or find my missives absolutely riveting – I suspect the former so will continue in my normal vein of telling myself what I really would not be interested in knowing about in 20 years time. It has to be 20 years as a consultant reliably informed me that would be how long I would live for following a TIA I had in 2013. Naturally this was in Hertfordshire and he wouldn’t put it in writing.

Now I’m in the East Midlands, I seem to have consultants, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and oncologists wanting me to go and see them. Today was a blood test in one room closely followed by a hormone therapy injection in a tender bit of the anatomy in another. Earlier this week it was Physiotherapy and next week somewhere else for them to practice on me and line me up for a month of treatment (at least that’s what they are saying!). I’m managing to get down my list of jobs that need doing here and today it was a look into the loft to inspect a weeping joint on the waterworks, increase the heating water pressure and then this afternoon, it was move our double gate from being adjacent to the new back gate to fill up the hole in the fence down the garden intending to separate the lawn from the vegetable area. As luck would have it, the promised rain has yet to materialise so I didn’t get wet.

In the main today came a pleading letter from the new leader of UKIP seeking funds to continue the good works in actually getting the other politicians to stop dragging their feet and actually tell USE that we managed without them for a few years and might be able to do it again – if only the interested parties got off their bums and admit they failed to con the sensible British public that remaining within USE will solve all our problems. As I pointed out earlier, the Scottish politicos are still wedded to the idea that Scotland want to leave the UK – warts and all. The truth is that it might mean things getting worse if they went on their own, but maybe they might not, in which case they would actually have to make real decisions that they either cannot or will not make. Talk about the quiet life and taking the money anyway. Their job is to run the country no matter what and not to ignore the result of two referendums to suit their easy life and lack of responsibility. That’s just the Scots! The UK government are just as bad and it now seems that David Cameroon is now making more money with less responsibility just talking about how he avoided doing anything.

Is that where I went wrong? Have a prosperous and healthy Christmas and New Year and I’ll try not to annoy you too much in between times.

Scots confused, VHS tape and agility

Trying to empty some boxes, I found a box of VHS tapes and a few DVD discs, so I’m going through what I might have recorded over the years and transferring anything interesting to DVD. Apart from a number of TV shows we never got round to watching, I’ve transferred the Demo Team practice and show in Gadebridge Park in 2002 in case anyone cares and I found a tape of my good self doing a presentation whilst on a course as Councillor with the Dacorum Borough Council in 1995 – I even had some hair then, but it does show how councils do their best to help new councillors help both to represent their electors and the Council to others. I wonder if similar things go on at Charnwood. Sadly, similar facilities are unlikely at Parish Council level which is a shame really as a lot of good people do not get involved locally because they get concerned on how to present themselves and their really isn’t the money at Parish/Town level even though they know more about what is needed locally.

Looking at another disc I sorted out pre-move proved to be Hi8 video from 1998/9 with a holiday at Golden Cap and that area around Dorset followed by our first two spaniels in our garden actually ignoring our cat, playing with each other before the time the Agility bug bit my wife. Watford Agility Club have a lot to answer for as they encouraged a little Cavalier King Charles to actually shout her way around agility courses which continued until she retire a few years later. A number of competitors still remember her as she was so keen and vocal – sadly no longer with us.

Changing the subject completely, it seems the Scots want their cake and eat it. This Brexit(??) saga continues apace. First the Prime Minister faces questions from the select committee and apart from confirming we will actually leave USE, said very little else that was helpful. Still not understanding why the government simply tells USE that we are leaving (as she confirmed) and then get on with it as everyone accepts they need us as much as we need them. Even the Australians want it sorted and can do little until notice is given. The Scots seem to want to remain within the USE group on the basis that the majority voted to remain which doesn’t apply to the majority who voted to remain part of the UK.

I do wish they would make their minds up!!

I’m back and still being a pain!

Talk about dragging it out. Yesterday was to explain what was going to happen and then I have to go again next week for a trial run before the real thing. This is so no mistakes are made (or at least minimised) as when they are shooting big rays at my delicate parts we all want the target to remain in one place, unfortunately bits inside us have a habit of moving about, so it will be all my fault!

This morning the ducks covered one of the water areas in the meadows – until one of the dogs just could not contain himself any more and started barking. For some reason just about 100 ducks and geese took to the air in neat formation to go somewhere a little more north. Once we got to the Country Park lakes the numbers of swans had dropped by about half, so some 15 or 20 swans were around which made it look a little sparse.

I’m attacking all my VHS tapes this week and going through them and transferring any interesting bits onto DVD. Which naturally means going through a large quantity of music cassettes to transfer anything interesting to CD. Once that is done, I’ll have to find homes for lots of VHS tapes and cassette tapes as well as storage draws to complete the tidying up that is the object of the exercise.

The geese are off, as are the swans and cattle!

Yesterday flights of geese were seen leaving the lakes and later in the day just one flight came back. This morning we have only about 30 swans as opposed to the 50 odd a week or two ago. So something must be going on as even the 4 heifers grazing on the water meadows had been carted away. I did warn them that with Christmas a coming, they had better watch out, but I think it will be next year when they start to end up on my plate.

Another exciting even this morning was the appearance of a lorry with poly tunnels on. He slowly drove up the lane and I suspect he was looking for the garden centre. They have been clearing an area there, but rumour had it that housing was going to appear for some reason (I’m new so these little local matters I’ve get to get to grips with!) but with poly tunnels appearing, maybe the garden centre will yet open again after all the uncertainty over it’s future.

Got to go now as I’m being measured for my ray treatment in the new year later this morning, so I’ll try to get back later and bring you up to date!

An election coming?

Dateline 16th November 2016

There must be an election in the offing as we have just received our first political party newsletter! Maybe it’s just a one party area, I don’t really know as down where I came from, it was a fairly bitter battle between the Conservatives (who believe they have the right to rule) and the Lib-Dems (who think they have the right to rule). It’s a bit odd just here as we are not large enough to have a ‘Parish Council’ just a residents committee which leaves us with the big village down the road as an elected parish council and the Charnwood Borough Council as the local authority with the County Council as a buffer with the national government. As the local Borough Councillor currently lives just down the road and moving a few miles away soon, I expect she will want to just remind everyone that even though she resigned from the parish council (wouldn’t be eligible when she moves) the intention is to represent us as well as she has in the past.

Unfortunately, I will not be eligible to stand until next March for either council although such is the interest locally, they frequently co-op onto the parish council due to lack of interest by the natives. Mind you the way the Conservatives are currently going, it would only need a credible opposition party to make a large dent in the government thinking if something like UKIP made a lot of ground in next Mays’ local elections. Let’s be fair, the Labour party is still faffing around and the Lib-Dems have lost a lot of credibility after the coalition government of 2010-15 even though they actually moderated a lot of Conservative ideals and misguidedly believe in the future of USE.

In spite of the threats being broadcast on the radio, the shops and roads were fairly quiet but it did surprise me that the semi on the corner down the road already has the builders in to do a refurbishment job. It came on the market only a couple of months ago, was sold then back on the market and quickly resold which suggests an investment rather than a home seeker to me. Other properties sit around for ages mainly because they have already been ‘got at’ and the price asked is higher than a realistic valuation – only because everyone who comes thinks its a nice place to live. I dread to think what their idea of an unpleasant place to live would be. Possibly like where we moved from. A pleasant market town in the Chiltern Hills just north of London with an average public school turned into commuter land o the kids can get a reasonable education before going to Oxbridge and the parents can work in the city with less than an hour door to door travel time. They can buy their food at either Waitrose or M&S or eat at one of the vast choice of restaurants currently occupying the high Street just 5 minutes from the station.

It really is a nobrainer moving to where normal people actually live and say good morning.

Them moles are everywhere

Dateline 15th December 2016

This weather is playing havoc with the local mole population with little piles appearing along the road side but the real problem is our new lawn. It now has little mounds dotted all over it but a shovel has pushed them back down and I’ve instructed number one puss to patrol the area, so that should sort the problem on our grass.

The government today has announced that tax will be increased to fill the shortfall in local authority funding with particular reference to social care. I’m sure they also said that the extra funding to the NHS to reduce ‘bed blocking’ will therefore be cut as it will not be needed. They must think we are crackers if they get away with giving with one hand and taking away with the other. Sorry, hey already have done it seems.

Now about this leaving USE idea. Talk about making life complicated. On June 24th the government should have simply gave notice to USE that they were invoking article 50 to give notice we were leaving that particular group and they had better get their skates on during the next 2 years otherwise they may miss out on reduced duties on any goods they wish to flog to us. But no, the government is still messing about saying one thing and hoping the disorganisation known as the EU will just roll over. Never underestimate Johnny Foreigner! Look how close they got in 1939 to forming a similar organisation to USE only made the mistake of using force. They learnt that lesson and have spent the past few decades trying to achieve the same thing by a different route and once again its us Brits who have suddenly realised exactly what the French and Germans are up to. Remember they also had a cosy little agreement in the late 1930s to avoid coming to blows even to the extent of digging a trench along the French/German border to stop any sudden aggressive moves only the Germans saw through that and simply went round the end into Belgium.

The latest posturing tacit is trying to convince the British that it could take ten years to finally leave USE after giving notice and not the 2 years the Treaty says is the maximum time. Once again the rules are being made up as they go. Mrs May must simply do what she keeps promising she’s going to do and simply tell them that Brexit means Brexit – after she has explained what that means, of course.

I’m a simple lad and it means that the UK gave notice on June 23rd that we cease to be a member of the club known as USE and they have up to 2 years to decide what to do about it. As the component parts of the UK have agreed to remain part of the UK, what are they talking about independence once again for?

Now where was i?

Dateline 14th December 2016

You cannot really believe that nearly 6 months after a referendum over a simple thing like leaving a group that has yet to get it’s accounts agreed, has a banking system and currency teetering on the edge of collapse it still making headline news and still there are strange people who think the group is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

That’s all I can say about that subject for the time being as I’m grateful that I’ve moved up here as they have yet to close any urgent care units (aka in my book as 24 hour emergency units) like where I was born which sadly had gone from a full facility general hospital complete with land to expand in an area that is growing like there is no tomorrow as well as being the largest settlement in the area now reduced to a 6am to 10pm doctors surgery (well, may as well be!). That’s the problem with being so near to London and one of the reasons why I left.

Mind you, with social care currently in the firing line and I have yet to experience the full wrath of Leicestershire or Charnwood adult care services (it will come I expect) it seems that the government is hell bent on shifting funding for just about everything onto users which from their point of view must seem obvious but Mr Bevan must be turning in his grave just thinking about how his vision has degenerated in less than a generation. As usual I will put my thinking cap on an let you know what needs to be done soon.

Just to let you know

I wandered down to our nearest village this morning (about a mile down the road) so just to let you know what facilities villages have up here – well our one anyway – I popped into a shop and bought a door stop and a pair of self adhesive coat hangers.

Passing the post office, bank chemist and jewellers I went into Tesco to buy some cereal  (wot I forgot on Saturday) then past the opticians and Nat West to another bank to pay in a cheque. Finally past the local garage to make my way home – opposite a bus stop where buses fear to go in case you cared.

Funny old place!

Hello world!

Just to let you know that I’m getting better and you haven’t seen the last of me as yet!

Still in the East Midlands, wishing we had made the move earlier but how do you get rid of moles?