Yesterday was interesting.

Yesterday took us down south for a funeral and owing to the traffic behaving almost exactly as it was supposed to, we actually got there on time and able to have a quick chat to friends, family and neighbours before the long journey back up through the M1 roadworks. This new ‘smarter motorway’ had better live up to it’s name after all the years of effort. It started simply as a new M1/M6 junction and due to take 18 months, but seems to have snowballed over the years (not months, but blinking years!!).

The local (Birstall Parish) Council seems to have got their knickers in a twist when a reporter actually knew the law and started filming a public council meeting, much to their concern. I did wonder why local councillors don’t have their addresses on the council information or website. When I went to visit with view of being co-opted, I noticed how ‘closed’ they are up here compared with where I used to be a councillor and did wonder what they had to hide. I used to get people knocking on the door or telephoning me for help, but here everything seems to have to go through the council offices. Funny lot!

I see today, the USE chief negotiator seem to think we are prepared to leave without anything changing. Keeping the European Justice system, paying them to keep afloat and, horror of horrors, not telling them anything. Perhaps they forget we simply want out and if they wish to keep selling us stuff (they sell more to us, than we buy from them!), then maybe the idea should be to let us know on what terms they want to trade with us rather than the other way round. Just think how many of the asylum seekers by pass the unsafe European countries to ask for asylum in the first safe country they can reach – that’s the UK. I just hope that our so called negotiators remember that and ignore all the tales of woo and threats from those who cannot see beyond the end of their noses!

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