We’ve been away and I’m looking for support

Here we are at Just Dogs Live at the Peterborough show ground competing with our three and a half (one isn’t old enough) dogs. The sun is shining, and we are surrounded by around 750+ caravans and at least twice that number of dogs.

I just knew you would want to know that! Anyway, it’s annual event, so if you have an interest in dogs or looking for doggie things that are difficult to find, then it’s worth a visit if only to some of the display items, visit the breed show or simply find out about getting involved in training your dog or taking up agility (or fly-ball!).

However, that is not what this piece is about. Regular readers are aware that I take an interest in politics (both local and national). Those readers in Greengate, Hallam Fields or Wanlip may be aware that I stood in the recent Borough Council by- election. I also offered to fill one of the vacancies on the Birstall Parish Council, but apparently they decided I was too political (aka a bit of a stirrer) for the only local council that actually believes that politics can be kept out of local government. Slightly na├»ve!! I’m one of the few Independents who have actually got elected to both Town & Borough Councils at the same time and had good working relationships with members of the three main parties mainly because each party has good and bad ideas, so without having to follow the ‘party whip’ (yes it does happen on the quiet), I could do what I thought best for those I represented. If you want to get an idea, then visit some of my archive material and see how I got involved over the years.

The Town Council I was a member of, has less councillors and more electors than Birstall Parish Council and they realised that they actually had more powers than they thought, there were no uncontested seats (unlike Birstall), indeed, each one hard fought over by at least 3 political groups! Anyway,the next scheduled local election is only two years away in 2019, so as I’m the new boy and no point in asking again about the vacancy in the Greengage ward of the Birstall Parish Council, I’d better start thinking about it now.

I’m looking for support either helping with a few bob, or physical support like leafleting, making suggestions on what really needs doing – I already have Improved pubic transport such as access to hospitals, Abbey Lane or just Beaumont Lea. Even a map of Hallam Fields as the estate is entered would be useful as I spotted several delivery vans struggling when I was leafleting in May. If I noticed it, must be a problem!

Talking on the doorstep and from my own personal experience, local councillors vary from tryers to ignorers. I would like to be charitable and suggest the problem may be with the council organisation rather than individual officers (believe me, councillor relationships with officers can make a real difference on how or when problems get resolved), so we have less than two years to start making a difference! Don’t just sit and moan, help me as I had a record of getting things done/moving and it seems a shame to waste all that experience. I did/do have an interest in the disabled and access problems (I was on the Access committee) so maybe I can help if you are hitting a brick wall.

Meanwhile, the outside world continues apace with Thames Water being blamed for low water pressure and flow (we know all about that don’t we?) over the tower fire and a promise that longer ladders will now be routinely be sent out on tower block fires – just in case! Andy Murray managed to get through the third round at Wimbledon and ‘Brexit’ is still being discussed and problems being found.

Talking about which, I support the UKIP principles and still wonder how politicians got side tracked into having to dot the I’s and crossing the t’s rather than simply saying (as I and most people I know wanted), that we actually leave in May 2018 (2 years on from the referendum) and then you are on your own. In between times, maybe you may be interested in discussing our future relationship.

I know it would have been expected a lot, but it would have produced a large degree of certainly as everyone would know what the situation would be for the next two years whilst working towards putting together a cunning plan to help hold USE together! I’ m almost old enough to remember life before1970 and Europe was abroad (also things like currency restrictions!), but strangely, we managed quiet well then – and the previous few hundred years – so why all the threatens of doom and gloom from those who don’t remember? They keep coming out with these ‘ concerns’ which proved incorrect in 2016, so what has changed?

Better go before I really get carried away!

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