Moles and USE (what a combination!)

Talking to one of my neighbours this morning, it seems our cat has been teaching their cat that mice are not just for catching and bringing home as a present, they are also edible! He can lead anything astray, that boy.

Now all I have to do is convince him that moles are much harder pray and he needs to keep an ear to the ground and watch for movement on the lawn as the soil is pushed through the turf, then dig away. Our resident moles are currently teaching their offspring that to survive, they will have to leave home and tunnel away to find their own worms and grubs.

So we are currently getting a couple of large mounds with one or two much smaller ones nearby. The dogs don’t seem to want to show much interest at the moment!

There must be a way of catching them easily as whilst I was an apprentice, used mole skin to wipe the lead solder off the underground cable joints and make a nice waterproof joint – apparently it’s the best stuff for the job although, these days it seems they have all gone all plastic with compound and a plastic cover rather than the cast iron enclosure. Such is progress I suppose but I never did get on that well with the somewhat ‘flimsy’ plastic compared with nice solid cast iron. That’s why they have to leave the hole open to allow all to settle when jointing electric cables is case you wondered (not that you would).

Did you see the EU president have a go at the EU council at lunchtime? Talk about USE slowly losing the plot. We have Italy complaining that they are having to accept all these ‘poor’ refugees that the charities are bringing to their shores, but no-one actually seems to be addressing the basic problem of who is funding the ‘boat people’. A UN report suggests that more than half are economic migrants rather than refugees fleeing for their lives. They all want to come to Europe so they can go to the UK yet refugees are only allowed to seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive at. Yet no-one (UN – I have you in mind) seems to want to make this happen or perhaps most of northern Europe is unsafe.

Returning to the USE President complaint, they have also suddenly noticed that after we leave, there will be a big hole in the USE finances (which is why they want us to give them the money we could give them over the next few years if we didn’t actually leave). Why don’t the ‘remainers’ realise we are simply a cash cow for the united Europe project because whichever way you look at it, we are and always have been. Once we joined the ‘common market’ it didn’t take them long to work out we hold Europe together and go to their rescue when one starts to squabble with one or more of the others. I hope they realise this after we leave as at least then they may come to their senses before we have to step in once again!