It’s not only jobs for the boys in government!!

Following the resignation of the Council leader and his deputy, news came that the CE of the management company had thrown in the towel.

More revelations include a safety consultant suggesting to the council that the change in cladding material might be best served by not informing the Fire officer and the saga continues as apparently the technical director of the company who makes the insulation panels is on the government advisory that makes recommendation regarding the Building Regulations.

The real problem is this has been going on for years as I just remembered in the 1970s I used to carry out work for our local council and was asked to price for installing fire alarms in all the council community centres. All went well, until I said I would check my proposals with the local fire safety officer. I never did any more work for them again. After I was elected (to the same council) some 15 or 20 years later, the same council officer (now in management) acknowledged that he remembered me. It seems they did their best to make sure I wasn’t involved in any in-house works decisions – until they were going to do work at the local town council offices (I was also a member of that council) and the look on the ‘council surveyor’ when he realised I was involved, was a picture! Needless to say, no corners were cut, but I didn’t let on I knew – just a councillor doing his job!

Todays good news is that my paster cast should be removed on the 18th July and providing my arm doesn’t drop off, then a week or two later I should be able to use both hands to mow the lawn, wash up or even shower (having to bath at the moment) or even (dare I say) drive. That really depends on on me doing my exercises and getting the arm working safely.

Other events that may happen at Wanlip Tower include, our utility room may make progress and the ongoing water difficulties will be looked into (again). But with both my hands useable, you never know what might happen.