Is the Conservative ‘ideal’ still working in the interests of the country?

Today came the news that up to 600 tower blocks have cladding on the outside and some may be the same as on the one that recently burnt up. Not only that, but it now transpires that some may have cladding installed not as specified in the contract. Not sure why I’m not surprised as many councils have had to cut back on seemingly unessential functions and staff such as building control due to a combination of funding cutbacks and the Conservative idea that private business is perfect, never make mistakes and have no need to be accountable as long as they make a profit. To this end they allowed private companies to bid for building control inspections. I wonder if any of these companies will be prosecuted for passing as complying, work that is blatantly not in compliance. Many large companies just happen to have divisions that inspect for building standard compliance which has to be a conflict of interest which is OK until caught. I wonder if the problems with the Scottish school walls falling down is part of this conflict or simply poor contract specifying?

I confess I feel sorry for the Prime Minister, but if she must listen to advisors rather than making up her own mind, then either she isn’t leading or the political system needs re-evaluating as there seems to be a lack of direction since the referendum unset all their ideas. It starts at local level, you know, as you blindly vote for a party rather than a person which just reinforces the idea that the party is perfect. I’ve always taken the view that the perfect candidate takes the best bits from each party manifestos and follows them through, but do you question any of the candidates, read their leaflets or just blindly vote Labour, Lib-Dem or whatever. When I stood in the recent by-election, only one person contacted me as a result of my leaflet and on the doorstep, I got the impression that residents were totally underwhelmed by local politics (and by inference, national politicians).

Anyway, I’m Independent with UKIP leanings just in case there is another election I feel I could contribute locally to. We will see!