Why no sprinkler and let’s get out of USE without messing about.

Todays sad news regarding the London tower block following a multi-million pound refurbishment and upgrade suggests they forgot the one thing that would have saved many lives, namely a sprinkler system. My experience has shown the system does work in commercial premises, but sadly, residential buildings need close monitoring to reduce vandalism as water can do a lot of damage. It also appears that any fire detection/alarm was left wanting, but what price do you put on human lives??

On the political front, this has simply reinforced the idea that the election result has left our politicians wanting. I started with the delay following the referendum result before telling the United States of Europe (USE) that they had two years to work out how to deal with this decision by the British people simply because they seem not to have thought the obvious (in my eye anyway) would happen. This messing about has added to the current problems within UKIP for some reason, with the leader resigning, the past leader suggesting he may have to get a grip and an East Midlands MEP throwing in the towel.

Now is the time to put your money where your vote was and for us to grab UKIP by the collar and make sure they are ready to deal with any wavering by the government in the negotiations over us leaving them to sort out their own problems. Their latest trick is to decide that they need to demolish their parliament building and build a new one at a few billion Euro cost. We are, of course, expected to pay for our share. See you couldn’t make up, could you?

By the way, the UKIP organisation is in a shambles, so you should be prepared to get your hands dirty if you want us out of USE with something to change rather than the carry on as we have over the past 40 years. I can remember supporting joining an Economic Community (EEC) but never a word about taking us over which has, in effect, happened and we muddled along quite happily (apart from the odd war) for a few centuries before that – or have we lost our backbone?

That’s given you something to think about, but I’ll be back soon.