So it might be a coalition?

Isn’t it strange how in 2010 the Conservatives didn’t have a working majority. so they set up a coalition with the Lib-Dems. This time, it may be the DUP from Northern Ireland and apart from the election was a mistake of judgement by Mrs Mays’ advisors (they’ve gone) what is so fundamentally different, if fact it may actually make elected politicians have to make their own mistakes and pay the penalty rather than coming out with ‘I have been advised’ excuse, maybe they might be more careful now. Oh look another pig!!

As I write, the Queens Speech may have to be delayed while they try to work out if the next election will be in 2020 (as it was going to be) and if they can get through any of their proposals to upset most of the electorate one way or the other.

In case you cared, my wrist aches like mad, my neck also aches with the weight of the heavyweight plaster cast (complete with an imprint of my rib cage) to keep my frail little bones in place and not wander off somewhere. I understand that next Monday I have to have another X-ray to make sure it’s still there then it’s just a case of waiting for it to mend.

I’ve managed to mow the lawn a couple of times since my ‘little problem’ occurred with my good hand/arm although it seems to have a mind of it’s own overnight as it starts off in one place and the next thing I know, it’s gone somewhere else and I have to try all over again to get it in a comfortable comfortable position. I don’t remember this problem last time I broke my arm – mind you, it was nearly 60 years ago but I do remember it meant I was relegated from school orchestra drummer to chief triangle position and never did regain my drumming position.