Not political up here!

Watching BBC One East Midlands Today last night I see at the Royal Infirmary now has a bell in the cancer treatment reception area for those who complete their radiotherapy to ring so that everyone still waiting knows there is an end. They even had a patient who had finished his treatment after 33 sessions, I still would like to know why I had 37, no bell to ring and even the machine broke down several times – bet they never told the reporter about that. Once I was the 13th that morning and guess what, it packed up during doing it’s look at me.

On the local election front it seems the local Conservatives cannot get their facts right and the Lib-Dems are quite righting reminding the public that it was even discussed at the Parish Council meeting and asked them to have it changed. This, of course, the same council that cannot get enough local residents to stand for election, so when I volunteered to be co-opted to fill one of the 3 vacancies. It seems I’m far too political and might make waves. The parish council must be the only one in the country so squeaky clean that it has no political views what so ever. I wonder why they passed comment on a Conservative leaflet for an election to another council. Oh well, I suppose it takes all sorts or perhaps as usual I’ve got the wrong end of the stick. I would have thought they would have liked someone to help them with the work load as I spotted that few committees had a full turnout.

Did she really call an election?

The true colours of the Labour leader showed up over the weekend, the Conservatives said as little as possible about how to fill up the black hole left by actually having to adhere to Mr Camerons’ promise made for the 2015 election of not raising NI, VAT or tax until 2020. The Lib-Dems are, well keeping their powder dry by ruling out a coalition, not admitting anything about homo-sexual practices (what that has to do with elections at this stage is still beyond me!). The Greens are going for broke and UKIP are still simply faffing around simply trying to not admit they are really not in a position to fight a full blown election campaign at this stage.

The public are just as bemused as the political parties as to how we got to this position of obvious disarray. It’s all to do with the political infighting following the referendum when the great British public actually decided that leaving USE is better than staying in – much against the establishments view. For some reason the French electors have come to the same conclusion by not trusting the party politicians so we will see what happens in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, we have the county council elections on the Thursday after the May day holiday (actually falls on the intended day for once) which will provide the pollsters with data to make more predictions for the General election some 4 weeks later. If it helps, I’m standing as Independent candidate in a local Borough Council by-election caused by the Conservative councillor throwing in the towel following illness although I understand she is now recovered. Naturally I only stood to give the locals a choice, so I’m not expecting any upsets.

They don’t like me!!

It’s interesting what the great British public get up to, isn’t it? A couple of weeks ago the village had a litter picking morning but missed a trick by not putting signs at either end of the village saying it was going to happen. Lucky for everyone, motorists still manage to chuck cans, empty (or some not so) empty things from MacDonalds as they pass through, but two of the best since were the cardboard outer wrap from a 12 pack on the footpath from the park’n’ride and this morning some ‘innocent’ member of the public happened to stop his car just by the entrance to said footpath at the Rectory Road end, obviously just got out and having a satisfying cigarette with all the windows open on the car with a tissues and ‘stuff’ lying beside the car. On asking, it seems it got there before he did ans got back into the car before driving off. Just in case it blew away in the slight breeze, I carefully placed it in the bin thoughtfully place by the gate almost 5 yards away.

Birstall residents had a really lucky escape last night as well as I’d put myself forward to fill one of the vacancies on the Parish Council as I live within the required distance from their boundary. They agreed I had the experience but thought it might be a come down for a Wanlip resident who happens to live in an area without a parish council, having been a Town and Borough councillor elsewhere in the past. I never realised that being a Town or Parish Councillor was so important up here that they have difficulty getting anyone to stand for election by their peers. Mind you, they may have been concerned that I might get residents actually interested in what they get up to, as it seems this area is completely different to anywhere else for some reason – having said that, they do very little to encourage the public to attend meetings with just an agenda available whereas, at both the Borough and Town Councils I was involved in, had ‘briefing notes’ available so attendees could follow the proceedings. The best they do here is early in the agenda, to invite members of the public to ask questions but without having any idea about what might happen was simply paying lip service to the requirements.

More soon!

I’m going local this time!

I had an e-mail from a resident of Hallam Fields yesterday, so I know that I have at least one reader of my campaign literature, which is a start!

I only started (from a standing start I might add) a week ago, so one reader from the 400 odd I’m stuffed through any letterboxes I can find, isn’t bad. At least they get a chance to vote for someone new and able to look at any problems through a fresh pair of eyes without baggage!

Whilst in the mood, it’s a typical new estate without facilities still in the process of being built. However there is already a care home, a school being built and to be ready for September and a nursery/playgroup building. I’ll confess that I’ve not looked at the plans (remember I’ve only been in the area a year and it was last week the vacancy came up for Borough Councillor, so don’t complain yet (if you are a resident or more likely, an alternate candidate who doesn’t want the boat rocked).

On my travels I’ve already noticed tactile slabs where a DROPPED kerb should be; difficulty in delivery drivers finding addresses (been asked as though I might know!); no map present either by the developers or council at the end of either Birstall Meadow Road or Hallam Fields Road (although this does have a notice board!) and I’ve been told that the roads have yet to be adopted by the local authority (this is common with new developments, I’m afraid)

As leaflet readers will know, as do regular readers, I’ve been a Borough and Town Councillor before and have this knack of understanding what is going on before they like to let everyone in on the secret (when it’s too late to do anything). Think about hospital ‘consultations’ and you will know what I mean! Once existing councillors cotton on, they do like to close ranks. For example, the Lib-Dem leader took every opportunity to complain that I actually wrote about what went on in my monthly column – never that it was inaccurate, but simply that I exposed some of the antics of the political groups – advantage of being a fearless independent as I have nothing to lose. Mind you they managed to get the wards moved around in the last reorganisation and even more than 10 years after residents ‘forgot’ to elect me again, many still thought I was a councillor and asked for help. Just shows what an impression I made and how useless most actual councillors were. Being honest, a good councillor, no matter what party, is a godsend. It’s just that people vote for parties rather than representatives and generally get what they voted for.

I’ll try to be better next time and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me!

More rubblish from your local Independent candidate!

I don’t know about you, but they are acting like little kids. Yes, you’ve guessed, the USE mob want any money due to them paid before they talk serious. It’s a little known facty that we pay them more than they give us, so it all depends who will give whom what first – which should occupy the 2 years before we take our bat and ball home.

I’ve been finding my way around Haslem Fields estate slowly so you have no excuse to wonder who I am, but it looks like there is a bond between many residents who appear a little dissatisfied regarding unadopted roads, lack of street cleaning (understandable) and I even noticed all the raised slabs for a dropped crossing – only the kerb not dropped. I must have missed more as I wasn’t really looking. I’m also hopping to fill one of the parish council vacancies at next weeks meeting, so if you have a problem, or want to point mev in the right direction, then simply leave a comment about this blog and I’ll pick it up.

The Borough Council has the usual 3 party candidates as well as myself, so if you want something different, you know who to vote for, although these sort of elections have a low turnout but if you don’t vote, don’t complain. To be honest, I wouldn’t have stood normally, but as the Conservative resigned, I really had to have a go given my past experience ‘down south’, but don’t expect me to stand again if I’m not elected so you just have this one chance.

What else is there? New readers my wonder (as do I), but I have a hedge hopper mind so lets start there, shall we?

I was silly enough to reject an offer of an apprenticeship with EMI as I had (still have) an interest in music but it was in Hayes (Middlesex for you lot) and I didn’t fancy travelling there every day. I settled for an apprenticeship with Eastern Electricity Board who were local to where I lived – only they sent me off to their prison camp (aka training school) in Essex so I still had to travel. One of the things you may not know is that the pirate radio stations carried out test transmissions over Easter in 1963 and the lads and I spent our spare time listening to this completely different form of broadcast (up till then it was the BBC or Radio Luxenbourg (208), AFN from Germany or Radio Hilversum in Holland. Indeed, I used to record a 15 minute program which used to go out on short wave on Sundays under to title of Happy Hour in the 1970s. That’s Dutch logic for you!

I can go on like this for hours but you really wouldn’t want that, would you? Perhaps another day!

I’m at it again!

I’m sorry to say that I’ve found 10 villagers to sign my nomination paper to stand in the by-election for the Birstall-wanlip ward of Charnwood Borough Council. Of course, this meant I had to find the Council offices in Loughborough to hand it in with other paperwork to be checked for only electors assenting to me standing. Naturally, I managed to find someone who wasn’t, but not to be deterred, returned, found someone else and back to Loughborough. As usual with me, second time lucky, so everyone in the ward can have a choice of a ‘party’ person or an Independent (that’s me, by the way!).

For some reason, I thought the ward was Wanlip, but it includes areas of Birstall the other side of the A6, so that will be a challenge to find out how to get into the assorted blocks of flats over there. I had enough trouble down south, but experience will find a way. Of course, if any readers are in the area and want to help, then just leave a comment. You can deliver around 100 leaflets in about an hour on average, but I’ll have a map – new estates to explore! – so I expect it will be the usual walkways and difficult to find letter boxes to start before I move down to the slightly older layouts and finally the big Conservative voting owners nearer Leicester – which I may not get to as I’m still ill remember.

Over the weekend, some beans and potatoes went in the soil and actually picks some rhubarb as the weather was so nice. The village had a litter picking session, which only missed the opportunity to put signs at either end of the village suggesting motorists join us (after all most is chucked out of windows of passing vehicles so they could help. I’ll suggest that at the next Parish meeting as we don’t have a council, just a meeting.

Who has been to Gibraltar then? Interesting place, isn’t it? More British than many places. The airport runway goes over the main road to Spain which is used my lots of Spaniards who work in Gib. I was there in the 60s when the Spanish effectively closed the border in another of their efforts to grab it back. Their latest trick in the threaten to block our leaving USE unless we leave behind Gibraltar. It’s going to be an interesting 2 years between USE expecting us to pay to leave the shambles, and our government doing their best not to come to blows. I still don’t know why the letter sent last Wednesday didn’t simply go at the end of June 2016.

USE does not have a defence force, the accounts have has never been audited and agreed, they throw money at prospective members only for them not to meet the conditions laid down for the money and it seems they want to simply take the money and take their bat and ball home. Then USE wonders why a number of member states are unhappy about the way things are going. The penny has dropped that they may have to make up the shortfall of income once the UK leaves in 2019 and the gravy train grinds to a halt.

Talking about gravy trains, the Scots still have to be told what they will lose if they leave the rest of the UK and try to join USE. They had their chance 3 years ago to leave, but the SNP conveniently forget that and simply take the political blinkered view to suit their own agenda.