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Monday, January 21, 2019

Welcome to next week!

I’ve been wondering why no-one still hasn’t mentioned the of solving the ‘Irish problem’ by getting them to leave USE anyway. The problem with having a ‘frictionless border’ is with Dover jammed up then the obvious solution with business is to simply import and export via Ireland. Simples!

Apparently the cunning plan is to convince everyone that the current plan is the only plan. I’m afraid that as I see it, it’s either the existing plan or nothing. No new referendum or election will change the current situation.

The government simply thought the cash cow called the UK would be able to negotiate with Europe. But we all know better, don’t we? The UK survived before and will do so again, we are very adaptable from my experience and have been for centuries!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

I get the feeling that simply bailing out of USE without a deal is going to be a non-starter which leaves us with delaying tactics so that the immoveable USE realises that it’s in the best interest of all sides to be flexible or reluctantly accepting the current deal in the expectation that realise they are losing more than they have gained by being awkward. There is still the Irish problem to be resolved which rather that us having another referendum, the Irish go for a third. If politicians believe the British will change their minds after three years why shouldn’t the Irish even though it took two goes for their government to get it ‘right’.

Then there is news that a few governments in the USE have suddenly remembered that we got them out of minor problems in the last century (aka WW1 and WW2) and they know when their backs are against the wall once again (and it will happen, believe me) they will expect us to help them out once again and no matter what our differences, we will. The may even remember that without us, there would be no USE to squabble over!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Why can’t our politicians simply accept we are leaving the club and by definition are no longer part of USE. Therefore a border must exist. The border with the republic was always slightly porous (unlike that with the rest of the world) so if that one goes, so will the others and I’m sure few want that.

The vote last night suggests that the imperfect agreement really is the best we will get in the short term and everyone will have to accept it or get voted out if another election has to be called. The great British public have faced worse and got over it and will do so again. After all if we are awful, why do people risk their lives leaving USE to come here and if those who want us to stay in the USE can always back up their bags and go to the much better place known as USE. They have the choice. Me, I can grumble but I can’t think of anywhere better than the UK (that includes Scotland, Wales, even Northern Ireland and includes various dependences from the Falklands to the Isle of Man)

Think about it!!  

Friday, February 1, 2019

I’m getting concerned. The newspapers and television are all full of something called snow. At lunchtime there they were still talking about it as I looked out of the window to see green grass, clear skys and bright sunshine. Very much as it has been most of the week. I find it difficult to work out the weather pattern up here as down south, we didn’t have the northern weather or we had what everyone else didn’t want. Up here it’s very benign most of the time.

I suppose it must be because of the lakes to the east and the hills (joke!!) to the north and west keeping everything away. Still mustn’t grumble as it’s quiet cold for spring.