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Saturday, May 18, 2019

I hope you are all now practiced in finding you local polling station, saying hello and pondering about exactly what difference you will make when they take no notice of us. This time you are electing a political party who may or may not represent the UK views but it will make difference to the 650 odd people who are currently totally ignoring our views to their own political ends.

I still trying to work out just how democracy is supposed to work when the influencers are working hard via the Internet (something called social media, I believe) so you tend to get a either unbalanced view. Sometimes they actually get paid for doing so, or promoting a particular view.

Rest assured, nobody would pay me a bean for this, I even have to host my own site which is why it is so poorly designed - I can’t afford anything better. But I do have views on most things!!

Monday, May 27, 2019

I’m back - again!

I thought I’d give you a little time to get used to what happened between last Thursday and last night. What do you mean, you can’t think what I’m going on about. The obvious happened with Nigel back on the gravy train aka USE parliament with all the little bungs the rest of us just think of in our dreams and he now says he will do something evil if we don’t leave USE by the end of October. Not sure what he can mean by that as the ‘Brexit Party’ doesn’t think about nothing other than Nigels well being and I cannot think of anything worse than Nigel for PM!

So while you've had your fun sending the message to Westminster that all this messing about is not good for my blood pressure we have to get back to reality.

The 22B bus is being cut back and both will not get you back to Birstall in the evening. Windmill Ave will be alright (22A) as they still have 30 minute service as present (think of us in Wanlip with nothing) but the Greengate estate is now more like hourly and Hallam Fields can still just walk (but you have a nice bridge to the A6 and 127 bus).

Now where was I? Oh yes, in the unlikely event that the well paid lot in Westminster won’t agree and keep on arguing and not get anywhere, perhaps now is the time to really consider that UKIP have a viable manifesto and will take us out of USE but it will need your help. They need money and supporters to spread the message and you can help shape the way this country is run. The current leader is standing down (he was only there for a year)so by strange turn of events, the Conservatives and Lib-Dems are following suit so everything to play for and nothing to loose apart gaining a socialist government and the leaders of the last one have done very nicely thank you following their efforts to break the UK.

That will keep you going for a while until I think of something else to entertain you with!     

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

It seems the main political parties are still in a tizzwaz over just what to do. It seems they have two choices, call an election (unlikely) or one could argue for the public to decide either for a no-deal exit or Mrs Mays USE deal exit. Another referendum would fly against the face of democracy as it could lead to calls for elections by groups who didn’t like the result of the one before.

They are promised nice warm weather by the weekend, so I suppose I’d better get the area planned for our fledgling runner beans prepared, then the lawn needs mowing, the hedge needs a trim, the bike needs a trip out to keep me out of mischief, the windows need a clean etc!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Just to cheer myself up today, I thought I would take myself back in time (as you do) to a simpler time some 40 years ago. It all started with listening to ‘Here we go again’ broadcast Monday and Tuesday evening - wot you mean you missed it? - which got me thinking about the likes of ‘Pictures of matchstick men’ and so I had to get the cat’s whisker set out and listen to a well known radio station down south, broadcasting in the late 70’s a program about American music in 1956 complete with adverts and even Kenny Everett. What a difference between then and now. Commercial stations these days are all about money, both radio and television, and the programs take second place. I’ll tell you what, let’s continue this tomorrow!

So here we are again. As I was saying, these days it’s usually 2 presenters chatting amongst themselves themselves boring anyone who isn’t interested however if you want to phone in, you can chat to your hearts content (particularly on breakfast shows or in the evening - it must be because the actual program is a bit boring or it might be simply me remembering the ‘good days’ of pirates or even early commercial radio (the Americans got it just about right) based on the experience across the ‘pond’. Kenny and Cash got it down to a fine art I’m afraid. Chris Evans, Vanessa and Sara Cox seem to like to sound of their own voices and saying nothing of interest. The only commercial station that seems to have got it almost right is Smooth Radio which has one presenter in the main, although the play list is limited but you can’t have everything. Mind you, you can just wonder what the advertisers think they are doing with little imagination trying to sell banal products or services but I seem to miss the ones trying to convince me that by gambling, I’ll actually win something. I must be cynical or something. In the program I was listening to yesterday from the year dot, apparently Chrysler had a new car called the Alpine - that got you thinking!

I’m afraid there is more on the next page soon!