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Compiled, designed and funded by me (no adverts or worried about being ‘tracked’, so let me introduce myself:-

Like many others, lived in the same area for some 70 years, went to the local school, served an apprenticeship, fully paid up member of the Apathy Party and generally just a local resident. Relocated to Wanlip (Leicestershire) in March 2016, so you are now stuck with me!

After over 40 years of serving my old local community as an electrician, it looks like I’m gonna have to give it up due to having a stroke at the end of July 2016 which was closely followed by the diagnoses of cancer for which I’ve just completed a course of radiotherapy. Naturally, to make up the 3rd thing, I fractured my wrist at the end of May 2017, so I should be alright for a while.

Whilst we all wait for something else to happen, why not just wander around my sites, let me know if something doesn’t work and I’ll start sorting the current mess into something more organised (that will be a first, for me!)

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From the market (sorry commuter) town of Berkhamsted in the Chiltern Hills (down south, you know!), running my own business and deciding we had been in one place for far to long, the decision was made to find somewhere similar to pre-commuter days. So far, I’ve had a stroke and been diagnosed with cancer and broke my wrist, but you cannot keep a good man down!

Moving on, my archives are still available on request and record political and social ‘happenings’ in Great Berkhamsted from 1995 to 2010+ including newsletters, articles and comment. If there is something you want to know, drop me a line. (Photos from the 1940s to around 2015)

If you want to know a bit more about me and Great Berkhamsted, you could do worse than go to the home page, where there is a link to a pdf file I’ve just done detailing a bit of my history and there is a link to a Berkhamsted project I was involved with in the early days which has been expanded (just to show what a good idea it actually was). Democracy won during the original discussions as they wanted an audio trail around the town, but I thought a booklet might be easier complete with photos and alternative routes for the disabled. Naturally the Council did their thing and I produced the booklet (still available from here).

I’ve discovered the first two chapters of a ‘living history’ project I started before moving, so that may get posted just for your interest.

Owing to being banned from riding my bike, I had to buy - a tricycle would you believe? But I shouldn’t fall off this time so keep an eye out in the odd places around Wanlip and Birstall over the summer for me and my camera and notebook on my tricycle!

I found a local book called Birstall and Wanlip trails and for some reason I expected to be a trail around the two areas like wot I did around Berko. Interesting though, but it seems most of the places have been demolished or rebuilt. I’ll see what I can do on the Wanlip site.

In case you actually care, I’ve found two printed copies of my walk around Berkhamsted - you can have one for a small fee!

To keep my wife happy, I’ve invested in new fangled mobile phone so you can text me on 07444849330 and I can call for help easily. She does worry you know!

Three of our shelties playing - the little one is now just 3rd in line!

Me just trying to look intelligent

Arrived recently to join the other 3 - much to their disgust!


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