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Birstall - a village just north of Leicester!


This is about Birstall in Leicestershire (not Yorkshire!!)

I have now been a resident of Wanlip for nearly two years (Wanlip information is here) and Birstall is the nearest civilisation within easy walking distance - say about 20 minutes - although the pubs are well beyond staggering distance!

It has a population in excess of 10,000 but keeps calling itself a village. For example Birstall Parish Council - not Town Council. It expanded between the wars with housing stock of the middle class (northern end ) and upper middle class (nearest station and Leicester and either side of the A6). Since the war, to the west of the A6 was developed and since the A46 (northern by-pass) was built, more infilling, so a good variety of housing stock is available for anyone looking to move to the expanding east midlands and easy travel to HS2 hub or the M1.

It has easy access to:

So now you know. I’m hoping to include more information about Birstall, including photos, business details and my views (as expected) as I find time over the coming weeks!

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