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Birstall - a village just north of Leicester!

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About the webmaster

I relocated to the area in March 2016 and promptly endeavoured to carry on good works and annoy you up here in a similar fashion to wot I did down south. Slight disadvantage though, I was there for over 60 years and I’ve not even served 6 years up here. Not only that, but I’m not even a resident of Birstall

Back down south I was a Town and Borough councillor.

This was as much a surprise to me as it is to you all.

At a Town Council election got more votes than anyone else, indeed the competition really never got going - OK, I was the only idiot who thought standing for election might do some good as all the whingers who write into the local press complaining about the Town Council are suddenly no-where to be seen.

Those who are sad enough to follow the life and times of yours truly having migrated from my site all about Great Berkhamsted via www.berko.org.uk now find yourselves just wondering who we are both doing here. My excuse is that before I got too old and feeble after trying to retire, I’d better shift from commuter land so I didn’t have to tow our van to the midlands all the time. What’s yours??

Right, I attend my first council meeting this evening which will include such delights as surface water might cause flooding in parts of Birstall (nothing to do with the Environment Agency and Leicester City Council shifting water northwards from a place called Belgrave (not in London) in case it floods properly, to a place called Birstall and northwards. For some reason I expect there will be a reason why this is not actually reason that the EA have extended their risk map. Other delights might include a suggestion of holding Councillor surgeries, what the Council spends it’s money on and the local neighbourhood police report as to what happened in the village last month.

I hope we might have one member of the public taking an interest, but I’ve only had four days to find Birstall (I actually live across the field from the edge) although I’ve been here nearly two years (didn’t you notice I’d gone?) a lot of that time has been finding hospitals to either stay at, get prodded at, scanned by or simply been treated at, which hasn’t left a lot of time to explore. Not to worry though, I can still stand, walk about, ride me tricycle and walk the dogs and drive about so I’m still annoying everyone.

I’m adding bits all the time, so excuse me if the odd error pops in (in my last life I had an Open University professor offer to proof read everything, but that removes the interest)

You can see what I’m up to by going to www.berko.org.uk/norman or drop me an e-mail to ask what I’m doing or not.

I’ll tell you what, if you find any mistakes or think I could include more then please get in touch (I’ve broad shoulders, so don’t be afraid to telling me off).

If you think I’m doing a good job (for nothing remember) or interested in becoming a candidate in the May 2019 local elections, I’m sure I can either put you off completely or give you the full SP on what to expect as a councillor on Birstall Parish Council and how much better it could be. Whether you are a member of a political party or simply with to be independent (not recommended!) I will do my best to help.

I suppose I could add any contributions to help with costs would be welcome!

You can e-mail to my new address or simply give me a ring.