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Sorry guys and gals, but it’s now nearly a year since I escaped from Giant Berkhamsted - it used to be Great Berkhamsted, but the commuters and parents of those attending a certain school that is increasingly taking over the town, have all but destroyed what I once knew as my home town, so it seems a pointless tasks maintaining this site and pretending it’s a great place to live so I’m going to introduce you to a place I’m finding pleasant to live in. This will take a little time, so complain if you want, it won’t make any difference, but you could always try to improve Berkhamsted if you really care!

Berkhamsted Walks -

Memory Lane Walks - Having lived in the town for a few years, we do not have the likes of Percy Birtchnell to reflect ‘happenings’, so I started an imaginary walk in the 1950’s. Judging by the downloads, you seem to like it, so I’m doing a similar stroll starting from the same place, but instead of going round the southern side of town, this one goes into the urban roads and expands on the town centre. Including new photos of Wanlip!

Walk around town - This was a result of being involved with the Parish Path Partnership project. The walk around the town was supposed to be an audio trail around the town footpaths, but the partnership decided to take my draft script and have ‘audio points’. Not quite what I envisaged so being a real pain in the......, I have produced a circular walk along the lines I imagined.

Temperatures - Pages of maximum and minimum temperatures in my garden since 1999 taken at roughly weekly intervals in 5 year dollops - the last one is slightly longer as I’ve yet to stop adding!

So - Welcome to Wanlip

This is the main road passing through our ‘new village’

In case you are wondering, this is the sort of thing just 10 minutes walk from our front door - would be quicker but there is a large field between this (Wanlip Meadow) and our back garden, so we have to go round it.

Just beyond is Watermead Country Park which happens to have the Grand Union Canal passing through it.  

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