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This is the site where you find out things about the town that you never thought you ought to know.

Right, let’s get things going. The idea is that I will bring together all bits of information about the town that are generally difficult to find.

The index above isn’t really helpful, so here is a brief description for each:

Temperatures - Pages of maximum and minimum temperatures in my garden since 1999 taken at roughly weekly intervals in 5 year dollops.

Visitors - Photos and information for visitors to the town

Memory Lane Walks - Having lived in the town for a few years, we do not have the likes of Percy Birtchnell to reflect ‘happenings’, so I started an imaginary walk in the 1950’s. Judging by the downloads, you seem to like it, so I’m doing a similar stroll starting from the same place, but instead of going round the southern side of town, this one goes into the urban roads and expands on the town centre

Walk around town - This was a result of being involved with the Parish Path Partnership project. The walk around the town was supposed to be an audio trail around the town footpaths, but the partnership decided to take my draft script and have ‘audio points’. Not quite what I envisaged so being a real pain in the......, I have produced a circular walk along the lines I imagined.

It is a circular walk with three starting points (Station, top of Chesham Road and A4251 lay-by(s) at the Hemel end of town). It is in three sections with two small diversions to avoid steps which can be viewed as pdf files with descriptions and photos. I did some real-time audio mp3 files but I was not happy with my failure of being able to walk, talk and read at the same time (go on, try it!) so have removed those.

Comment & opinion - Archive material from 1995 detailing events in the town as seen through one persons eyes (OK, mine!)

History - I’ve been given some slides of the area dating back to the 60’s and 70’s, so you can guess the rest - but naturally it means I’ve have to dig out some of my own. So far, a few slides and negatives of people, local places and other odd items. Do you have any, you would like to share?

I’ve acquired a number of small family black and white photos from the mid/late 1940’s and hope to go through them and upload a few as time goes by.

Local Organisations - What it says on the tin, about 5 years out of date, but you have to start somewhere and unless I’m personally involved, I have to rely on the groups providing up to date information on their activities etc.

Gade Dog Training - We have dogs, don’t you?

Anything else?

I used to edit the Berkhamsted Citizen Association newsletter, but I think I was ‘sacked’. Read about it.

I also ‘digitised’ the archive copies of the newsletter from 1968 to 2011 so if you are interested, pop along to the history section of this site.

Look what I found on the ‘web’ - journey back to the early days - bit shaky but nearly 20 years ago.

I’ve now set up a new section to allow more feedback.

My news, comments and other ‘personal’ items are now located here.

You can just browse or even add/comment much easier.

I’ve just set an interactive forum where you can post and view any comments -

Off you go, it’s new so be one of the first!

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